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  1. luxury-lizard

    Can't select seats on business class award flights

    Booked 2 seats in J for SYD-SIN-MUC confirmed and a WL for a later SYD-SIN flight (to shorten connection time) - now I cannot select seats online the 'button' is greyed out for no apparent reason. This booking was made over the phone as I was changing an existing booking and I could not do this...
  2. luxury-lizard

    Lots of TG J award availability to/from Sydney

    Good idea- will need to do a comparison to transferring to SQ for *A awards. Could be complicated.
  3. luxury-lizard

    Lots of TG J award availability to/from Sydney

    As posted the Avianca thread - Comprehensive guide by Matt here: How to Buy & Redeem Air Canada Aeroplan Points AC / Aeroplan does not have it's own thread on LM but is under 'other FF programs' Until AC started selling discounted points during Covid this program was of little interest to...
  4. luxury-lizard

    Lots of TG J award availability to/from Sydney

    Not sure what your final destination is - but consider AC (using LM) SYD-YVR in J is wide open in May-August then look for onward connections to Europe (on LX, AC, LH,... or via the US on UA)
  5. luxury-lizard

    Avianca LifeMiles 2020 – Bookings and Discussion

    Just the other day I booked 2 YVR-SYD on AC in J using LM - had to use 2 accounts and both bookings went through without a hitch. (Finally worked both our LM accounts down to zero - will never buy LM again). I also recommend @Matt's thread on Aeroplan miles - it's a very good program but they...
  6. luxury-lizard

    Lost passport on Christmas Eve

    I agree with @VPS - keep looking - it must be in your house somewhere as you obviously had it the last time you re-entered the country and it's hard to believe you lost it on the way from the airport to your home. Were you travelling with someone else - maybe they can assist in the search...
  7. luxury-lizard

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    I guess this will remain an SQ mystery - a 30+ minutes phone call got a bit more information but I'm not sure I trust it.. I'm concerned that with Covid continuing to disrupt travel plans into 2022 - more trips will be cancelled refunding miles that may expire before they can be used. thanks...
  8. luxury-lizard

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    All I get is "no miles expiring in the next 6 months" ???? this is on the iPhone App
  9. luxury-lizard

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Thought I'd post this question here as this is the most active SQ thread. Does anyone know how to find out the expiry date of all your miles on the SQ app - it seems you can but I just con't figure out how to do so. While I'm at it - here's another question: We are currently booked in early...
  10. luxury-lizard

    PJs wearing out :(

    Yes me too but also those mini hotel soaps which I save and use in hand soap dishes in bathrooms at home - and disposable shower caps . . so sad.
  11. luxury-lizard

    4 x j tickets on SQ with points plus pay?

    Agree with @Scr77 - also getting 4 J awards on one flight will prove difficult. Also IMO the points required for an upgrade are not "value for points" and going from Y to J is a double upgrade (Y to PE to J) - also PE awards are also not "value for points". There aren't many way to accumulate...
  12. luxury-lizard

    Book Now or Wait Dilemma

    Welcome also @Vulcano - for someone who is planning to starting farming on the Island of Vulcano (had to look it up on Google Maps) in retirement, you are clearly not risk averse. However - depending on which month you plan to depart OZ I would book now if in Q2 or Feb if Q2. I'd also book...
  13. luxury-lizard

    Beware Finnair Business Class

    Forgot to mention - I have seen good deals (business class on all legs) with a combination of LX or LH and SQ or CX. If you want to stick all One World then these would not appeal. These fares usually pop up when your final destination is not a major hub - e.g. DUB or VIE,...
  14. luxury-lizard

    Beware Finnair Business Class

    Can you cancel and re-book other flights? Probably not at the same price, if yes, then this really is a ripoff - I would have thought you would have picked it up during seat selection - personally I never complete a booking without doing selection.
  15. luxury-lizard

    Lots of TG J award availability to/from Sydney

    Another observation - searching (on AC) SYD-FRA shows SYD-BKK-FRA but searching SYD-BKK only (on AC) did not show any availability. However, both routes show up when searching on UA. I've never seen this on TG before and still nothing showing on LM (for same dates). Don't bother searching on SQ...
  16. luxury-lizard

    Lots of TG J award availability to/from Sydney

    Funny - I'm seeing lots of TG (SYD-BKK) in J available in March (the only month I checked) on UA but not on LM (no surprise there) and not on AC. I'm not really looking to book anything at the moment - just keeping an eye on the situation - hoping to use up the last of my LMs for something /...
  17. luxury-lizard

    Avianca LifeMiles 2020 – Bookings and Discussion

    I've had the same problem but just used a valid Canadian address in the CC payment and it was accepted - I guess AmEx, in my case, does not verify the address.
  18. luxury-lizard

    SQ SYD/MEL-SIN $499 return

    As you say @Mattg the cheap fare helps to make up for the cost of multiple covid tests - however it does not compensate for the inconvenience and of course the ongoing restrictions in SIN.
  19. luxury-lizard

    Discrimination against solo travellers?

    Not wanting to change the subject - but as a female passenger I have experienced all sorts of discrimination over the years - less so in recent times. Details are all a bit boring - but, here are 2 examples, when travelling with male colleagues on business I was often given the less desirable...
  20. luxury-lizard

    Hi there

    Welcome from me too - nice to see more newbies - means travel is back on everyone's mind.