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  1. WethereX

    New *A lounge at Concurse D in Dubai...

    Anybody had a chance to tryout the new Lufthansa *A lounges at Dubai. Im flying out of there later this month in J on SQ, plus im a *G, and was wondering what both the Biz and Senator lounge is like. Im sure there isnt that much difference. Would be nice if there was. Cheers guys.
  2. WethereX

    Qantas Pub access on OW Sapphire, domestic flights only.

    Ive had a quick search but mostly just refers to international sectors and emerald members, If i am a OW Sapphire with an international carrier, i should get QF pub access even on a solely domestic sector? Seems like there's conflicting statements on the tier benefits page and one world page...
  3. WethereX

    Why cant i combine the travel bank from my fiancee when i used my credit card.

    completely draconian business rules, and considering i was going to immediately book and pay for another even more expensive flight from said combined tickets, is completely inflexible. On top of that, the customer service call center worker didn't care and the 'Manager' offered no assistance...
  4. WethereX

    Group Bookings and Upgrades / link velocity number

    Some incredibly smart person in my company made a group booking with an agent instead of split couples as usual :evil:. Is it possible to add our velocity numbers or even upgrade from Y to J on points with these fares? shows as Saver Q and T (return leg). Cheers all.
  5. WethereX

    single stop flights with different stop cities in one booking unavailable, annoying.

    Sigh, here I was hoping for an elegant solution to my problem, but alas its not to be. Tried to book via the VA site a return full J fare trip from BNE to SIN. I get a selection with respective stops in both SYD and MEL, but it wont allow me to go via SYD outbound and return via MEL in the one...
  6. WethereX

    flight cancellation and gold support enquiry.

    Hey all, Just wondering, my partner and I were booked on a CNS to BNE today which had been cancelled due to the inbound also being cancelled. Were were booked in J Class on biz saver. there are 2 virgin F100 being prepped to take all affected down to BNE at some stage today. i have opted for...
  7. WethereX

    Velocity login down?

    getting an error: Failed to retrieve the member profile information. Bit annoying, hope its only temporary...
  8. WethereX

    Cranberry Mocktail back?!

    Loved these cranberry and lime mixers,,, just got home on a HBA to BNE flight and was pleasantly surprised with no orange juice, but the Mocktail! The CSM told me they are re-introducing them. Will see what happens this weekend if there offered, BNE to CNS return on Sunday, and BNE-SYD on...