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    Some Jetstar international economy flight questions

    I got some really cheap flights to Japan, although Jetstar has already changed the flight dates and times twice so I am a little worried about what the actual dates will be by go time, lol. The main flight is on a Dreamliner and I am wondering if I will be able to buy some kind of audio jack...
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    Syd-Japan return best use of QFF points?

    More specifically I plan to go Syd-Osaka then Osaka-Incheon return, then Tokyo-Syd. Syd-Osaka will more than likely be Jetstar. Osaka-Incheon return will be a budget Japanese or Korean airline. Which leaves Tokyo to Sydney being the best way to use my QFF points? It will be 2 adults and a...
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    Can a baby purchase tax free?

    Hi guys, So I am in Japan and want to buy a ps4 before I leave. Would really love to get it tax free but realised I am on a perm visa/re-entry deal, my wife as well. But our 1 year old bub is on a tourist visa. Would this work? I mean obviously they will know it is for me, but do you think...
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    I have a couple of nooby questions re. Amex Qantas Discovery Card

    I recently got this card, and basically have been using it for most things and just putting the money aside for the bill. I don't know when the first bill will come, can anyone give me a rough idea when to expect it? I first used the card on the 4th of April and received it a few days before...
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    Tourist Refund Scheme - Max limit?

    I plan to buy a camera lens before I travel overseas. The lens will cost over the concession of $900. If I claim the refund with the TRS but plan to bring it back to Aus with me(and not declare it), is it a silly move? Will Customs check for that item in particular? Are myself and my wife's...
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    Middle name on ticket not capitalised

    Hi everyone, I booked return flights Syd-Tokyo with Qantas for my wife, 10 month old daughter and myself a little while ago. I just noticed my daughters name is not capitalised and her first and middle name are as one. For eg: Maryjane Smith instead of Mary Jane Smith. Will this be a...