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    Those D class seats are scarce...

    Two points I thought I would raise. Are you actually planning to get out in DXB? If you are just doing an MR then have you considered flying to MCT or AUH? If you are staying in DXB down near the palms or Burj then flying into AUH still wouldn't be too bad if it gets you there on the right...
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    Fuel Surcharges and Fuel Costs

    Nice spreadsheet. I think that it is interesting that they cover more than the cost of the fuel of the surcharges on the shorthaul flights. Yes they "lose" on the longhaul flights, yet how many of them are there compared to the short flights between, ADL BNE CBR MEL and SYD? Rather a nice...
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    Booking & Paying For Internal Flights In India

    Is the Indian Credit Card only thing a recent change? I used my Australian CC to book a couple of flights with Jet Airways last year (March/April) on the net and it worked with no problems.
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    Guess whois buying their own LearJet?

    According to his TV show it is second hand, oh and if you pay $1000 you get your name on the inside of the plane. BARGAIN! Mal.
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    Arrgh! It's painful buying tickets online!

    XE quotes Mid-market rates. Thus is the average of the buy & Sell prices. For many of the travelex type retail outlets this can be 500-1000 pip/points and this would be about the difference you are seeing. Mal.
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    I don't know if it is the best, but I used Italian post to send a small case back to Australia. It was definatly cheaper than any of the courier companies. I think it was less than 50 Euro for 10kg surface mail. Mal.
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    SYD or AKL to APW $100 all in

    Ok, silly me. Only looked at the start date and not the start time. Mal.
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    SYD or AKL to APW $100 all in

    Does anyone have a link for this? I'm hoping they aren't all gone, I couldn't see it. Mal.
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    Anyone smuggling Vegemite?

    Hehe, sounds like a good night. I love Mythbusters. It really wouldn't worry me using vegemite on skates, unless of course they were mine. Mal.
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    Airport Security, as consistent as (add words here).

    BNE Dom: oohhhh Roller skates. Can't let them on, they have metal wheels. No they are a urethane wheel. They have sharp bits. Nope round....Can't take them. Everywhere else: ooohhh Roller Skates. Have also seen a whole team of skaters (about 20) go through security and the last person is...
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    Get Fat - Get Upgraded

    I actually think that not only is it reasonable it is an obligation. There is also a big difference between people who are unlucky to have rare and difficult to treat conditions and those who put theirself in a very likely position to develop problems. Mal.
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    Get Fat - Get Upgraded

    Is it reasonable for the public pay hundreds of thousands of dollars treating the gangrenous limbs of fat people? M.
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    Iberian Business or Business Plus?

    IB's business plus is used on their long haul flights. The difference is the seat which as you would have seen is similar to QF Skybed. The last I have heard the chances of getting business plus is still up to chance as there is no list of routes that definately have business plus. Sorry I...
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    Qantas online checkin launched!!

    Used OLCI on Wednesday for my Thursday flight. I had Seq 1, however the first window seat available was in row 6 (B738). There were a couple of middle seats in rows 4 and 5. The rest of row 6 was occupied by a family of 5. So it appeared that they may have allocated the family, however who...
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    The totally off-topic thread

    Now I'll have to find a suitable prize. How does 5 Chilian Pesos sound? Mal.
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    The totally off-topic thread

    While we're onto that, why don't we start a thread for when I reach 100 posts? Opps. :oops: too late. Mal.
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    Squeezy seating on the 777?

    I don't know if I could honestly say that the passageways in the Y cabin of an EK 777's are 6" narrower. However when I walked through to chat to a mate, I remember thinking that it was awfully narrow. I walked most of the way sideways as there were many legs protruding and made it impossible...
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    Changes to ExpertFlyer

    So maybe I shouldn't have been so lazy and upgraded to Firefox ages ago like I had planned. All is good now. M.
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    Changes to ExpertFlyer

    Has anyone else had problems since the Upgrades? Everything appears fine and dandy, I fill in all the required information and click search which then changes to Searching. Once searching comes up nothing else happens. Using IE 6. Mal.
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    Are T1 QF Flounge renovations complete?

    I really hate it when people take excessive amounts of time to complete something. I have seen an intersection resurfaced etc in 6 hrs in Singapore, while a stretch (approx 1km) of bikeway along the Centenary Highway is almost 1 year late for completion. :evil: Mal.