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    Qantas extends current status Until at least March 2021

    Extension applied on my account tonight. App FF card updated, and a line item for 0 SC & points titled 'Status Extended for 12 Months' in the activity statement. Removal of target remaining for WP, only showing P1 target.
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    Virgin Australia launches 'coronavirus status extension' plan

    Realistically you only access the perks if you are flying... otherwise its a shiny coaster in your wallet.
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    Qantas extends current status Until at least March 2021

    The business focus right now is to allow people to retain their current status levels while there is a global shutdown on flying, nothing else. It's a generous move that I expect will be appreciated by many.
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    Covid-19 - status pause

    I've got the shading - although on mine looks less than 50%. No way I will make Platinum renewal (end of March - after 5 years of WP) - so will get an early datapoint on QFs response to loyalty.
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    Ukraine International Airlines PS752 crashes in Iran [confirmed shot down]

    Without knowing if the video all over twitter is authentic - if it is, I doubt there would be any survivors.
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    Ukraine International Airlines PS752 crashes in Iran [confirmed shot down]

    Early reports a 737 has crashed shortly after takeoff.
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    Anyone received a personal DSC offer lately?

    In the last month, a colleague and I have separately been sent targeted offers for 50% bonus SC the same morning we arrived back from a transpac. Both of us are Platinum.
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    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    I vaguely remember a mention of years of status being included on cards. Is this official?
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    Qantas A380 refurbishment news and updates.

    As a WP Y pax, I also am slightly disappointed there’s no real priority seating or slightly better seats. Not very aspirational either as no one will file past better seats and think they should strive for loyalty/a better seat. Bean counters win again..
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    787 to HKG?

    It's also on the SYD-HKG run multiple days that week - must be getting the airframe from somewhere..
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    787 to HKG?

    Maybe I missed this, but when searching for BNE-HKG in June, QF97 is (apparently) operated by a 787. New frames arriving? Revising the utilisation of the doubles to LAX? Simply a QF IT mistake? Looks like a few dates around there, and sometimes also on the SYD leg.
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    Chairman’s lounge survey

    Based on all the bronze’s who got this email, I’m more hurt as a WP I got it too! Jokes aside, I went through it for interests sake and was interested in the number of questions which allowed me to complain about the high award taxes and give my recommendations to fix it ☺️
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    US Global Entry Program for Australian citizens

    Sounds like a trial is on the cards.
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    Bag fee when WP/SG travelling with partner airlines in NAmerica

    On an AA coded flight you should get baggage (through OW). I had a similar experience with WS, although I flashed my QF WP card and got asked what level is that equivalent to..?!
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    Joyce appointed chairperson of oneworld

    Not sure it changes much.
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    Best seats economy A380?

    I was there last night, it was absolutely packed at 7pm with the banks of AU flights readying for departure. At 11pm it was almost a ghost town. Same 2 months ago. I thought it was a bit cute that the person at the counter gently offered the BA or EK alternatives (as a WP) if I wanted as it was...
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    QF Preliminary Results FY17/18

    I wonder if the additional capacity at BNEi will be a dedicated Plat space or just expanded space for everyone. Disappointed to not see SIN mentioned on this list..
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    Time change for QF 73 to San Francisco

    QF73 has been on a mixed departure for months - I flew on QF73 scheduled departure at 5:55pm back in March.
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    Qantas & Air France partnership

    Does this make it more or less likely for speculated flights direct into CDG?
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    Melbourne Dinner Fri 24th August - 7pm @ "The Olive Tree"

    Ahh, flying to LHR from MEL that afternoon. Shame, would be interesting to meet a few familiar names one day!