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    Help with dom biz sale fares

    Hi Been 2 years since i flew due to illness. Have been looking at a return tsv-syd via bne in J for confrence. I remember you could book J saver fares, i think they were usually an QF I class fare. But cannot seem to find pricing as J C D fares are the only to show on expert flyer. All flights...
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    Upgrade problem

    I need your help/guidance Its been a long time since l was in this place. due to illness and change of location my gold status has reduced to bronze over the last 3 years. Have not flown QF or infact any airline in that time. so am not up to date. I have booked a paid econ flex ticket...
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    British Airways (BA) has moved to cut ties with Qantas Airways Limited

    Just released via online news ninemsn British Airways (BA) has moved to cut ties with Qantas Airways Limited (ASX: QAN), by ending a code-share agreement for connecting flights from Asia to London, when the partnership ends on March 31. According to the Australian Financial Review (AFR)...
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    Ok! Fess Up, is it You. QF extra lounge benefits!

    There seems to be a developing trend to smoke in the showers of lounges for many airlines but particularly QF domestic, both QC and J. Over the past year at least 3 or 4 times now l have gone to take a shower at some point in my journeys to walk into a recently vacated clean shower room only...
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    AIR PACIFIC Cancels Order For 8 Boeing 787

    Fiji's Air Pacific has canceled its order for eight Boeing 787 aircraft, the US aerospace giant said on Wednesday, the latest blow for its delay-plagued Dream-liner program. Air Pacific cancels order for 8 Boeing 787 I wonder if they plan to replace the order with another aircraft, or...
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    So Sorry to post this, But l had to!!

    I hope you enjoy, Classic!! :lol: YouTube - Cheap Flights with subtitles You may need to let it load properly to hear it properly, it's worth it;)
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    Need help with Park Hyatt Melbourne

    I have been booked into the Melbourne Park Hyatt for 2 nights, 7th and 14th Feb. Am traveling solo. My T/A boked through Virtuoso. $388 per night, includes breakfast and club access. I was booked into a club deluxe and upgraded to a terrace at time of booking. Have never stayed here and...
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    Radii Restaurant and bar Melbourne Park Hyatt

    Am in Melb 2 nights 7th & 14th Feb staying at the PH travelling solo. Can anyone give me any comments or info re the Radii service, food and bar. I am basicly overnighting both nights on the way over and back from Fiji. Am looking for a good atmosphere and service bar for martini's and...
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    J* Emergency BNE Airport.

    Just caught the back end of a News Flash on radio re a full Emergency J* landing at Bne airport not so long ago. Does anyone have any details ?? ABC drive. ????
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    Townsville International Re-opens for Strategic Airlines Direct TSV-Bali Services.

    Well this came out of the blue! Townsvilles old international terminal to re-open with direct Bali flights. "TOWNSVILLE'S international air services drought will soon be over with the announcement today by Strategic Airlines that it will provide the first ever direct flights from Townsville to...
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    Is Travel Insurance covering/paying up on Ash Crisis ?????

    Are travel insurance companys, paying out/compensating/covering travel costs as a result of the ash crisis?? Or is this an "act of god exclusion" I have friends who were suppose to fly to istanbul yesterday to meet a cruise. This is obviously not going to happen. They bought cheap sale...
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    1 bed Suites Crowne Plaza or Skycity Darwin?

    Hi, Need help in selecting Darwin 5 star. We need 2x 1 bedroom suites for 3 nights in May. Both hotels look pretty similar except Sky has ocean views and Crowne does not. Rates are similar also, $390/$410 per night per suite. Have no idea re: service, food, ameniteis and bars ect.:?: Any...
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    BA Jet U-turns after being banned entry to US airspace, doubts over passenger.

    I just found this interesting and intriuging news story on NineMsn. From what l can gather a USA national caused a BA flight (Lon-Mexico) to be turned around and sent back.:rolleyes: The Sun newspaper cited a security source as saying: "This is the first time anyone can recall a British...
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    Australian Airport Security get's 200Mil boost

    So body scaners are definatly on the way. More domestic sniffer dogs. Government trying to balance time delays at check in with new enhancements:rolleyes: Regionals to be bought into line (large aircraft services) Cargo gets the once over. Bottle screening xrays for liquids. Airport...
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    Jetstar Townsville-Sydney flight delayed over 6 hours due to cargo door.

    Page 6 of the Townsville Bulliten today. Also on ABC local radio yesterday. I am sorry, but l can't get Bully link to work. J* have been having a bad run out of Townsville recently. This is the 3rd delay of more than 4 hours in the past 10 days. "About 80 passengers were delayed for...
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    Don't want a Everday Rewards Card, don't matter, we will send you one anyway!

    I never bothered to sign up for the Woolies card because l shop at Coles. But then out of the blue today l recieved this e-mail from QF. So it looks as if l don't have much choice as they are sending me one Anyway:rolleyes: It's all presented in a nice little QF Gold FF box. And requesting...
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    Quick Question Re: Domestic ODU using points

    Hi All, I have a booking with QF, TSV-BNE-DRW return in a month. There is 3 of us traveling under my booking/PNR in Econ and l am a QG, the other 2 are QC,NB. Normally l have no prob with ODU's out of TSV to BNE. My question! when we check in and move to the QP and apply for a ODU...
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    Auckland Airport Buys Into North Qld's Airports Pty/Ltd Cairns/Mackay airport owners.

    So they recon 100,000 extra passengers into Auckland in 12 month's eh! With Pacific Blue's direct services starting in March from CNS they may just do it. I just don't see how Mackay fit's into all this:rolleyes:. Except maybe to the islands. Who would have thought! Auckland airport...
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    Delivery Delays Cap Airbus' Tough Year & Low Profits

    I did not realise just how many problems the delivered 380's were having. Delivery delays cap Airbus' tough year QF are not going to get there next deliv until later in Jan. I would have thought with the delayed deliv's caused by the airlines needing more breathing space should have...
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    Need Canberra 5* hotel help (Urgent)

    Have to take a quick Biz trip to Canberra on Wednsday thru Sun and have to decide between a Park suite at the Hyatt $570 pn or an Atrium residence $440pn or a Lane suite $365pn at the Realm. Any feedback or recomendations Re the 2 hotels or the suites mentioned?? I will have to book by...