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  1. bass_ke

    Dom - Int'l connection in Sydney and Express Passes

    Evening Folks, I usually travel into/out of CNS, BNE and OOL but I'm heading out of Sydney in a week and I have a quick question. I'm flying OOL - SYD - WLG, First flight is VA Marketed and VA Metal, 2nd flight is VA Marketed and NZ Metal. As VA Gold if I attend the NZ check in...
  2. bass_ke

    Int. Lounge Acess Changes from Nov. 1 2016

    Following with interest. I've OOL-AKL-SFO-AKL-OOL coming up next month, I also do like NZ as an airline. I wish I'd have booked all my Dom USA flights for the month on AA rather than DL!
  3. bass_ke

    Places by LeClub Facebook Ap

    I just had a stay from Friday - Monday Validate and it didn't get me the Olympics badge either, I was just about to start doing some research on how to chase it up.
  4. bass_ke

    Places by LeClub Facebook Ap

    As someone who just started using this App and has had multiple stays across different Accor brands over the last couple of months this has been a nice little earner! I got my Welcomer (50 Pts), Fan (300 Pts), Addicted (300 Pts), Kangaroo (500 Pts), Novotel Enthusiast (200 Pts) and Collector...
  5. bass_ke

    US Customs and Border Protection humour

    Australian customs ceased to be as of the 1st of July
  6. bass_ke

    US Customs and Border Protection humour

    I've had some great chat's with folk in both Vancouver Pre Clearance and the Sumas Checkpoint. They love Australian Military and Law Enforcement insignia over there!
  7. bass_ke

    Hilton South Wharf - Discussion and Reviews

    Good Eve folks! I'm intending to book my first stay at the HSW Soon. I've recently converted from IHG to HHonors with Diamond status. Any tips for best room class to book for best chance of an Upgrade and is exec lounge access usually a given? Anything else to be careful of apart from the...
  8. bass_ke

    Air Berlin status match

    Indeed, AB Gold showing in my account when I log in
  9. bass_ke

    Catalina Display Launch Dinner at LRE [23 May]

    I shall not be able to make it for that day as I'll be in the Canberra. Any chance you could give me some tips on LRE though Sam? intending to visit before the years out.
  10. bass_ke

    Air Berlin status match

    I had success in about 9 Hours after sending the email. Matched from NZ Airpoints Gold. Now where's that Skyteam carrier willing to match so that I may complete the set :P
  11. bass_ke

    How does Europcar treat you as an Elite?

    Good day folks! Just wondering what experiences have been like at CBR!
  12. bass_ke

    How do Hertz treat you as an Elite?

    Just wondering what peoples experiences are with Hertz at CBR? Thanks! Nate
  13. bass_ke

    Christmas drinks on the BAM [Fri 19th Dec 14]

    Unfortunately now bronze, disappointed. Have a great trip guys, last year's pics popped into my time hop feed yesterday, reminded me of how awesome the trip was!
  14. bass_ke

    VA WP classed as DL platinum medallion/eliteplus - upgrade benefits?

    They may falter a little bit at the lounge though, I used the trick I learnt here and when they got a little bit hesitant in SLC mentioned that Velocity belongs to VA and not VS
  15. bass_ke

    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" The mobile office this morning
  16. bass_ke

    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" Just hit north eastern Ohio last night, its getting cold! Onward to Canada tomorrow
  17. bass_ke

    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" It's been interesting to see NZPOL members wearing full kit whilst over for G20, I didn't think general duties went armed in NZ?
  18. bass_ke

    The Velocity Status Run Master thread

    Nooo! I'll have to check this out. I was hoping to do a OOL - MEL - PER run next year with a mate and use a comp upgrade
  19. bass_ke

    Christmas drinks on the BAM [Fri 19th Dec 14]

    Still no word on a set roster, its at least been sent for costing. At this rate the minimum 30 day notice might mean the change comes after this Trip, still watching with interest.
  20. bass_ke

    The Planespotting/General AV Geek Thread

    Does anyone have an idea what this abandoned looking airfield is over the water from JFK?