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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    Does any body know the link for the Terms and Conditions of the Award program?
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    BP Mastercard

    At the moment they are including a $50 fuel voucher on first use. That makes it $29 for the first year. Should be able to save $29 on fuel. Must spend $600 on fuel to get money back. Might be worth it if like me you are to lazy to collect shopping dockets or you like BP98 petrol.
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    Citi Bank Gold Credit card $1 = 1 pt fee free

    Hi I found this from a link on this site. Fee free for life. $1 spent = 1 Qantas FF point, must transfer 10k points at one time. Don't know if points are capped. Looks like agood deal to me. Credit Cards: Compare citibank credit cards – Apply Online