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    golf clubs on Jetstar

    I am traveling from Melbourne to Launceston on QF5735 on a Qantas award flight. what are people's experiences with carrying golf clubs on domestic Jetstar flights?
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    New SIA business class seat....simply outstanding

    I have just flown on SQ218 Mel - Sin (777 300ER) and had my first experience with the new SIA BC seat. Simply outstanding. I am a regular Asian traveller out of Melbourne and till now was a fan of the Q seat, but the new SIA one is so far ahead it is not comparable. Amazing width, I am a big guy...
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    Lifetime Gold

    I have just achieved Lifetime Gold and was wondering if there is anything beyond this level as far as benefits are concerned.? As an aside, I do not think Qantas value their top tier customers as well as other airlines. In the last 4 years as a Platinum, I have travelled Qantas once every 2...
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    SMS Flight Update

    I am currently sitting in the lounge 9 hours after QF29 was cancelled the night before waiting for a new plane to arrive. Ignoring the complete debalce that is qantas when one of its most popular flights is cancelled, I noticed that although I am registered for SMS updates, I have not received...
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    hotels in Kensington London

    I need to choose between the following hotels in Kensington and am looking for some personal experiences and comparisons Millennium Gloucester Hilton Kensington Holiday Inn Kensington Dave