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  1. bass_ke

    Dom - Int'l connection in Sydney and Express Passes

    Evening Folks, I usually travel into/out of CNS, BNE and OOL but I'm heading out of Sydney in a week and I have a quick question. I'm flying OOL - SYD - WLG, First flight is VA Marketed and VA Metal, 2nd flight is VA Marketed and NZ Metal. As VA Gold if I attend the NZ check in...
  2. bass_ke

    In n Out Burger LAX 24th OCT Arvo

    In n Out Burger LAX 23th OCT Arvo Good Eve folks, Just a quick heads up that I'm going to be at our favorite LAX burger joint/ Spotting location sometime in the Arvo of the 23rd. If anyone is about let me know and I'll try and get a bit more organised with timings :p It's not going to be...
  3. bass_ke

    Security deposit in the USA

    Good arvo folks, I'm just wondering what people's experiences are regarding deposits at hotels in the states? Does it happen every night? How long are your refunds taking? How much are they taking? I'm staying at all IHG properties on a mix of paid and reward nights and hold Plat ambassador...
  4. bass_ke

    USA Car rental, specifically Alamo/Hertz

    Good Early Afternoon fellow AFF'ers I've had a bit of a search and only been able to dig up old and closed threads. I was wondering what recent experiences are like with Hertz and Alamo? I'll be doing approx 3 different rentals, round trip out of LAS Round trip out of Buffalo or...
  5. bass_ke

    Possibility of SYD drinks 22nd MAY

    Good Eve Friends, Just testing the waters for some drinks on Thur the 22nd of May? I'm staying in the Rocks and should be able to confirm my availability by the time tonights out, I'll update the title when I can confirm So, who'd be in? Nate
  6. bass_ke

    The Planespotting/General AV Geek Thread

    Good Morning fellow members of the AFF Community. Following discussion with our Social Events Leader to the backdrop of A320's and C172's screaming overhead it has been decided that we shall start a thread where we might talk about planespotting and showcase our general Aviation shots. I'll...
  7. bass_ke

    how many nights for PP BOGO?

    Evening fellow AFF'ers I'm currently tossing up a couple of options in SYD. I'm wondering if you can use the BOGO for a 4 night stay but only pay for two nights? The IHG Booking engine appears to allow it, just unsure if the hotel is going to honour it? Whilst we're here, is anyone having...
  8. bass_ke

    Gate check experiences

    Good morning greater AFF community, I'm wondering what all of your experiences with gate-checking items are? Our little one has grown out of the car seat we normally take travelling and we will therefore be taking one of our more expensive seats. The last seat we didn't really worry too...
  9. bass_ke

    Driving USA - tips

    Good day folks, planning a us road trip I'm starting to come across a few questions, i'll start with the following two. Can one expect to be able to drive in relatively decent conditions through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois in November? Do the big us companies allow you to cross...
  10. bass_ke

    Best travel insurance for the USA

    Good Eve fellow frequent flyers, Being that I'm heading to the US for the first time and it's not somewhere that's cheap to get oneself stitched up quickly and cheaply if travel insurance is being a pain in the bottom, would any of you recommend or stay away from particular companies or...
  11. bass_ke

    Airfares in the USA. DL and VX specific

    Good evening folks, I've started looking around at fares in the US for a trip in OCT/NOV and was wondering if it'd be best to book now or if sales do come about? From what I've seen so far it's difficult to find anywhere to sign up for a sale newsletter with DL or VX As the first week is set...
  12. bass_ke

    To the US with NZ

    Good morn fellow flyers. I'm about to jump on the recent USA deals with air nz and was wondering if there are any pitfalls to look out for with using my VA status, it's my first NZ flight with status. Would you folks recommend SFO or LAX for entry/departure? I'm mighty tempted by the new *A...
  13. bass_ke

    Music and Supper in Melbourne on a Wednesday

    Good evening folks! A great friend and I are rolling into Melbourne tomorrow night at about 2230, it's 1/4 status run, 1/4 mattress run and 1/2 of an awesome chance to catch up. We were hoping hoping to catch some live music and a bite to eat once in town, any recommendations? We'll be staying...
  14. bass_ke

    PER - MNL - BNE (Prefer VA partners)

    Hi folks, as the title suggests I'm looking for the best way to do the above routing. We are taking a short break in WA next year and would like to come back to the east coast via a couple of weeks in SE asia. The best I can do with SQ for AUD 2,214.62 is Flight 1Perth(PER)Manila(MNL)Fri...
  15. bass_ke

    2013 - A bass_ke travel odyssey

    Good evening folks As I'm a a little bit everywhere this year I thought I'd make a consolidated thread about what I'm up to The first trip from SE Asia is a straight cut and paste from another forum so is aimed more toward non frequent flying folk, flights from the future will be easier to...
  16. bass_ke

    JQ Dreamliner - Register your interest

    Good Evening folks, I just saw this an ad with the below link Dreamliner A bit of info on the JQ dreamliner and a chance to sign up for updates, hopefully we'll have some dates from them soon! Nate
  17. bass_ke

    A first timers trip to WA

    Good afternoon folks, Myself and family are going to be over the west side for approximately 10 days next FEB and have no idea what we want to see and do! We've got 2 nights in Perth at the beginning and after that have a car for road tripping. We don't mind the country or the beach and would...
  18. bass_ke

    Toowoomba - experiences? Particularly Best western

    Hello folks, A that title states I'm after advice on where is good to stay in toowoomba? The best western tor only stands out as Its one of the only chains I can think of in regional Aus and we road trip to some odd places in Aus Look forward to your advice! Nate
  19. bass_ke

    IHG Properties and favorite rooms

    Hi Folks, I'm reasonably new to IHG Properties and thought I'd ask you folks for advice for a couple of upcoming stays I've got a King Club coming up at the CP AKL, how do you find the club and hotel itself in AKL? I've got two stays coming up at the HI in MEL but I'm considering swapping one...
  20. bass_ke

    Points from Europcar

    Afternoon kind AFF'ers How long do you normally wait for points to come from Europcar? Mine normally come in 3-4 days but I've currently got one going beyond two weeks and I'm wondering if I should think about lodging a retro claim soon. Thanks!