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  1. trentusjuventus

    Airline Review - Air China Y TPE to Europe

    Hi Everyone While I realize this might not be the most exciting title and trip report, let me first start by saying that the main reason for writing this report is to help others who are thinking of traveling on Air China in the future, as when I was planning my trip I found very little in the...
  2. trentusjuventus

    Kuala Lumpur Hilton vs Doubletree

    There was an older thread on this topic, however there doesn't seem to have been much recent information on the comparison between these two properties, so I'm wondering if anyone has any recent experience at either (or both)? The conclusion a few years ago seemed to be that the Doubletree...
  3. trentusjuventus

    TPE-TLV: Quick trip to Israel on TK in whY

    Hi All. This will be my first trip report here on AFF, I've read many TRs before but never actually had anything to contribute. I know that on the face of it, a whY trip report might not be the most interesting thing to read, many on here have done TK J reports (and so much more), however I do...
  4. trentusjuventus

    Weighing of hand luggage at MEL Int

    Have read the threads dating back quite a few years on this matter, but just wondering does anyone have recent experience regarding the weighing of hand luggage before security/immigration at MEL International? Is it still happening? I got stopped by the guy at BNE a few years back, but it's...