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    Current US Credit Card offers

    Not entirely on-topic for an Oz forum but I know there are a bunch of people here who keep an eye on this sort of thing, so... I have a sizeable chunk of money still in the USA from when I used to live there, and some significant upcoming expenses (replace current car, house renovations) which...
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    Car seats for kids - opinions

    Hi, folks, I'm after some opinions on whether or not it's worth dragging car seats onto the plane to use when flying with kids. We have 3yo (as of a couple of days ago) twins and are heading from Brisbane down to Melbourne & surrounds for a holiday at the end of the week. We're flying VA down...
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    Looking for a "utility" credit card - recommendations ?

    I've been taking up some signon bonuses the last few months (ANZ, Westpac, NAB) and having just hit the last of my qualifying spends my mind has turned to doing it all again once I've closed the cards and hit the obligatory 12 month waiting periods. The wife goes back to work in April so once...
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    Flying with baby capsules

    There's a few older posts on similar topics, but not quite answering the same question. My wife and I have recently had two new additions to the family, and while we're fairly seasoned travellers we've never flown with babies before. They will be approx. five months old at the time. The trip...
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    4-class 744 Row 41

    Trawled for existing posts on this but most are talking about Row 40 and, I suspect, a slightly different configuration as Row 41 is rarely mentioned. Flying QF22 NRT-SYD on Jan 30 and the seat map I'm being shown is a 4-class 744. I've put in for a Y+ upgrade, but I was wondering if anyone...
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    Possible to tie two somewhat different itineraries together ?

    I am trying to co-ordinate a holiday for next year where half of it will be spent with my parents. My wife and I are going to Niseko skiing in January. My parents want to visit Singapore again, but do not feel confident travelling on their own. So, I am planning that we accompany them for a...
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    Refundable fare for QP access ?

    Has anyone ever done this ? Bought a refundable fare to access the QP when flying out on another airline, then cancelled it once you were done ? When they say cancellations are allowed "before departure", does that also include "after checkin, but before the flight departs" ?
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    How do I book ex-Dubai ?

    Maybe I'm just being silly, but I can't see a way on to book a flight originating in Dubai. We have a DONE4 dropping me in Amman early next year. Since we can't really afford the time and money next year for another DONE4, I just want to take a short jump from AMM to DXB, then book...
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    Anyone else on QF16 from LAX yesterday ?

    Came down with a light case of food poisoning on Sunday afternoon/eevning, and working back the usual ~12 hours suggests that the breakfast I got on QF16 was the culprit - just wondering if anyone else here had it happen as well
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    Confirm a booking will get DSC

    Just booked a JASA to take advantage of the DSC offer, but now I'm not sure if I'd already hit the "register" link beforehand. :oops: Have just done it again, but is there any way to check if my booked will be subject to double SCs ?
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    Europe - Oz, after some thoughts

    Howdy folks, I'm after any ideas the gurus might have here about some travel I have coming up. My wife and I are flying back to the UK on the return leg of a previous ticket in a few weeks, however, we haven't yet booked anything to get us home to Australia. We need to be back by April 28...
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    Current good Visa or MC offers ?

    Are there any good Visa or MC promos out there with big initial spend requirements ? I have about $20k worth of solar PV to pay for in the next few weeks - was wondering if there's any new cards it's worth getting to put it on, or if I should just use the Jetstar MC. Sadly they don't take AMEX.
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    Europe to Australia in June 2012

    Howdy folks, I'm looking for a few pointers on finding some cheaper flights from Europe to Australia. I was living in the States until last year so it's been a while since I've had to fly this route and I'm a bit out of practice. :) My wife and I are using the return leg of our flights from...