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    A (possibly crazy) idea for the restart.

    I like that idea and it does make a lot of sense, to gradually re-start things. Could the Pacific Island nations and French territories be also brought into the mix? Plus Taiwan, which is an excellent country to visit for a holiday and with a wealthy population that also desires to travel (and...
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    Help please - where to look up BA fare rules?

    First of all thanks everyone and apologies for the late reply. I called BA and they told me I need to speak to the TA as it was booked through them. Frustrating. Anyway, I escalated it with the TA and they finally came back yesterday acknowledging that indeed the fare is refundable for a...
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    Help please - where to look up BA fare rules?

    Hello everyone! I am booked to go to Europe at the end of the month, MEL-SYD-SIN-LHR-CDG, and return LHR-HKG-MEL. Ticketed by BA, all on BA flight numbers incl codeshares, with the longhaul sectors in PE. Fare bucket on the BA longhauls is T. I will need to cancel this trip now due to a change...
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    No more removing Laptops and LAGS from carry-on bags at MEL [T4 only] as new scanners roll out

    I've gone through AMS two weeks ago and they had the new scanners where you would leave laptop and LAGs in the bag (at T3 where the BA checkin is, at least). However, they were ridiculously slow (not sure if the ones in MEL are different models). The conveyor was running at such a slow speed...
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    I finally remembered to share here, and my perfect record continues: Success 6/11 QF1 SIN-LHR W > J (24 hours out) Success 20/11 QF2 LHR-SIN W > J (at the lounge desk 1 hour out) Success 21/11 QF36 SIN-MEL W > J (24 hours out) I am QF Gold btw. This makes it 7 out of 7 requests approved in...
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    What's your company travel policy?

    PE for trips longer than 8 hours, Y for everything under. CEO direct reports get to fly J on longhaul. Preferred airline is QF (must for domestic, optional for intl). Can fly other airlines international if QF is not practical or more expensive, so usually end up flying others more than QF. We...
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    My status conundrum - QF, VA or SQ?

    Thanks Matt_01 and I agree there is merit in having Gold in both camps.
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    My status conundrum - QF, VA or SQ?

    Thanks Captain Halliday and I can see your point re *A status not being relevant if I redeem KF points for Premium classes (which is what I do). Where it would come in handy would be for work trips next year if I then do them on *A carriers in W. But I think OW is more likely, especially to Asia...
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    My status conundrum - QF, VA or SQ?

    Given this does not fit into just one FFP sub-forum I am posting it here (mods please move if you feel it needs to). I thought rather than mulling over this for another week I get some AFF-qualified guidance and discussion here. Bear with me while I lay out my situation. Status quo: Currently...
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    Qantas major delays at LAX

    That's a ridiculous assumption. For most loyal QF pax with status (and therefore implying they do fly often), it would be much more appreciated and reflect positive back on QF if they are accommodated on another carrier to get to their destination sooner and or in the same or better cabin, than...
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    new airline to fly the Tasman

    Intriguing! If not AKL then it would speak for an airline already flying to AKL non-stop? Suggestions: Tigerair (most likely, leaving AKL to VA) Malaysia Airlines Scoot Korean Air (reinstating both MEL and CHC?) Thai (to CHC via SYD?) Outliers: ANA (surely they would go to AKL first?) Royal Brunei
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    What type of shop/store would you like to see at the airport that isn't usually there now

    A hairdresser/barbershop. Would be very helpful when transiting through an airport regularly. I know HKG has one near gate 43 but haven't used it yet.
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    KUL Lounge? [SG/sapphire lounge options]

    Thank you so much, Archipelago. That's a great tip and the full bar will be made good use of.
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    Whats your best experience on a delayed flight?

    I believe I have shared this story here before, but always a pleasure re-living the events. AKL-MEL in EK First on the A380 with +1. It must have been 2011 or 2012, a week after Easter and a Sunday night. The flight would have gotten us home around 10pm ready for a Monday at the office after a...
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    KUL Lounge? [SG/sapphire lounge options]

    A related question: flying with MH soon MEL-KUL, connecting to KUL-PEN with 3 hours layover. Travelling in J, QF Gold here. Am I right to assume I cannot use the lounges in the satellite, but need to clear immigration and then proceed to the domestic pier and use the lounge there? Thanks in...
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    Luxury Escapes

    On LE vs direct booking, when I booked the St Regis Langkawi through LE a few months ago (not this last offer but the one before), I checked the pricing with the hotel direct and they had exactly the same deal on offer with same inclusions (breakfast, drinks, airport transfer, one dinner...
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    Earning QF Status Credits on CX

    Had a CX flight on the 18th last month and posted in QFF on the 25th (a Tuesday, as also suggested above)
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    Avoiding the Qantas 787

    I had to doublecheck your statement because 10K and 12K on the 789 are both definitely against the window and 11K is on the aisle. Tourns out what you said is true EXCEPT for K seats in the second (mini-) cabin on the 789 where it is reversed.
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    Avoiding the Qantas 787

    Not sure about 7A, but just came back on QF128 from HKG yesterday and was in 10K (first row of the 2nd cabin), and the larger footwell in the first row was great. Noise from the galley (as noted on Seatguru) was not really an issue on this flight.
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    Sydney airport Express passes

    Around 8pm on a Saturday evening recently, and it was not a problem: 10-12 mins max from stepping off the QF transfer bus to being in the duty free shop. So a wait of 5-7 mins maybe. (The wait for the transfer bus at T3 was much more concerning, tbh. That took forever.)