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  1. Caversham04

    Advice please - Etihad refusing compensation for involuntary downgrade

    Over Christmas, I flew in business on Etihad from Adelaide to Heathrow and back. The route for the outbound journey was ADL-MEL-AUH-LHR and the ticket was purchased through Bestjet. My originally-booked ADL-MEL leg on Virgin Australia was at 18:00-ish on an EY codeshare flight number but the...
  2. Caversham04

    Wilson parking - double-charging onto credit card (pre-booking AND on entry)

    Just a quick heads-up for folks on here - I have used Wilson Parking's Book A Bay three times in the last couple of weeks. I needed to park in Adelaide CBD and they're the most convenient car park for my work, plus I get a few Velocity points into the bargain. In all three cases, I booked the...
  3. Caversham04

    New AFF app?

    Could someone please confirm whether there's any intention to make a new AFF app available? Many thanks (and apologies if this has already been answered, but a search on variations of "new", "AFF" and "app" were rejected as the search terms were apparently too common)
  4. Caversham04

    QFF "MCO GOOD FAITH bonus points"

    My wife's QFF account was recently credited with 800 "MCO GOOD FAITH BONUS POINTS". All very nice, and I'm certainly not complaining, but neither she nor I have any idea where they came from (no flights taken recently, and only CC points awarded, all of which are separately present and correct)...
  5. Caversham04

    Star Alliance competition - 21 prizes of 1 million points to be won......

    Just seen this on AusBT: A photo competition, with each of the *A member airlines giving away a prize of 1 million miles (or close equivalent)
  6. Caversham04

    Lounge access in DXB for mixed-class booking

    I am about to change the date on a pre-existing ADL-DXB-LHR points booking. As currently booked, I'm in F and on EK all the way (777 then A380). The available options for the revised date of travel are EK441 (777) for ADL-DXB then QF9 (A380) for DXB-LHR; seats are available in both F and J...
  7. Caversham04

    Mobieblitz pop-up while using the AFF App on an iPhone?

    While using the AFF app on an iPhone, does anyone else frequently get a pop-up from secure DOT mobieblitz DOT com about having won an iPhone 6s? Depending on how I choose to exit, I either end up in Safari (which immediately gets closed again!), or back to the AFF app........
  8. Caversham04

    Napa / Sonoma Valley cellar door recommendations?

    I'm off to the Napa / Sonoma Valleys in a week or so, for a day and a half. I'll be driving up from San Francisco in the morning, via Muir Woods, then through Sonoma and on to the Napa Valley. The 2nd day will be a Napa Valley wine tour with Platypus Wines (had to pick that one when I saw it on...
  9. Caversham04

    Flying F on Emirates ADL-LHR

    Has anyone flown F on Emirates from Adelaide? I've splurged several years' worth of Qantas points on a EK F / CX J return trip to the UK as I'm only going to be there for a week and want to be reasonably fresh and rested when I land. My question is about lounge access and departures procedures...
  10. Caversham04

    Qantas is refunding change fees (and potentially CC fees) on recent purchases

    I thought I'd start a new thread to highlight this as I now have a definitive answer to the questions on my initial thread, which has a more obscure title While purchasing a Qantas flight using a voucher from a ticket I cancelled in 2015, I was quoted a "Total Amount Due" of $20 on the Payments...
  11. Caversham04

    Charges when using a Qantas voucher - is their online procedure legal?

    I've just used a voucher from a previously-cancelled Qantas flight. On the Payments Page (Step 5), the Qantas site states "Total Amount Due: $20", but on the subsequent Confirmation page (Step 6), my credit card has been charged $108, equivalent to the total amount quoted on the previous page...
  12. Caversham04

    Dead Arm Shiraz in the VA SYD Lounge

    I'm currently in the VA Sydney lounge (upstairs) - they've got D'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz (and also Penfolds Bin 138) available for pouring :) EDIT: pies and sausage rolls are available downstairs - almost makes the weekly ADL-SYD commute worthwhile :p
  13. Caversham04

    Disembarking in LA from VA 777

    Can anyone confirm whether you disembark from Virgin Australia's 777 at LAX from the very forward door (in front of Row 1) or from the exit between Rows 4 and 5? I'm fairly sure that it's the latter but am trying to get my facts straight ahead of a discussion with VA r.e. duty-free that I...
  14. Caversham04

    Velocity points from FOXTEL?

    Am I missing something, or has the 30,000 point offer for signing up to FOXTEL closed? It's no longer listed in the "Lifestyle & Entertainment" section under the "Earn" tab on the VFF website. Shame if so as we're about to move house and get a FOXTEL package.....
  15. Caversham04

    Points by paying house deposit on CC

    A handy tip and a nice little earner for those buying a house - I've just been able to pay the deposit for our house purchase using my NAB Qantas Visa card...... with no surcharge applied :o Sadly, they didn't take Amex :) Now all I need to do is sign up for enough credit cards to allow me to...
  16. Caversham04

    Burning Virgin Atlantic miles on SQ - availability?

    HI all Does anyone have any recent experience on the availability of redemptions, burning Virgin Atlantic miles on Singapore Airlines (either economy or business)? I am thinking of buying 20,000 miles in the current 25% bonus promotion, to top my account up to the level needed to fly ADL-SIN in...
  17. Caversham04

    Problems getting Diamond status (via VA WP) to stick?

    Anyone else had any problems getting their complementary HHonors Diamond status (via VA WP) to stick? I received an e-mail from HHonors in mid-March, congratulating me on my new Diamond status, but my online HHonors account stubbornly refused to budge from Gold. I e-mailed a request to them...
  18. Caversham04

    Virgin Australia lounge access on arrival?

    I've just seen this statement in an AusBT article on lounge access for Virgin Australia: "Another less-known lounge perk for Velocity Platinums and Golds: you also get 'on arrival access' to use the Virgin Australia lounge at the other end of your flight". The article is: Virgin Australia...
  19. Caversham04

    HHonours Diamond via VFF - less than 4 stays but more than 4 nights in 6 months?

    The rules for VFF Platinum Members' complementary Hilton Diamond status offer say "if you stay 4 times at any Hilton Worldwide property within the 6 months your complimentary membership will be extended out to 12 months". As I read it, 4 separate one-night stays would meet the criterion but has...
  20. Caversham04

    Seat availability / upgrade chance on SQ

    I have to fly back to the UK for family reasons in early March - not quite an emergency (or I'd be on a plane already!), but I would feel a lot happier to be there. I've done some dummy bookings on SQ for Sunday 2nd March ADL - LHR, returning on Saturday 8th March, and also for late March as an...