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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Domestic upgrades for WP clear at T-72 (subject to availability) so nothing strange about that one.
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    Deals from ozfflyer

    Qantas isn’t late to the party, it’s sale fares have been available since last week. I’ll pay more to fly Qantas than Virgin because I also get priority check-in, additional baggage, Qantas F lounge access and frequent flyer points that I can use for upgrades on domestic flights. Ok that...
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    SYD curfew not honoured

    On the evening of 20 December 2018, there were 11 dispensations granted for arriving aircraft and 8 dispensations granted for departing aircraft. Over the period 29/11/18 to 8/2/19, 71 applications were made, 67 dispensations were approved and 4 were not. I’d say it’s best not to make the...
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    QF half yearly ASX trading annoucement

    If you look at revenues, unit revenue was up approximately 5% for QFi so it’s not a pricing or specific competitive issue per se. It’s all about fuel. The most interesting part for me is the 7.5% increase in unit revenue for QFd on 2.1% lower ASKs... capacity/yield management to screw more out...
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    Rewarding Long Term Frequent Flyer Loyalty

    If you chased LTG on the basis that you thought at some stage they’d introduce LTP, well that’s your bad luck. It’s a shame you don’t have anything to strive for now but that’s the program. If a lifetime of SG benefits doesn’t tickle your fancy, go spread your wings with other airlines! But...
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    Qantas. Perth Airport head to court

    You do realise that Qantas is Australia’s biggest domestic airline group and has a significant presence in Perth via Qantas, QantasLink and Jetstar, which it also has to pay the airport for? Also if I’m being picky about your attempt at maths to justify the outrage, the $27.8m relates to 1...
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    Rumour: US Customs preclearance for Sydney

    A confident American... well i’ll be damned
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    Loyalty bonus

    They did for me! Got my second bonus for the year the other day. Took the points this time as I’ll land north of 1200SCs but well short of 2400, so the 8000 points can go towards a free upgrade.
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    QF 737 to break sound barrier!

    Sounds like it’s time for you to dust off that ATPL. Wait you don’t have one. Well neither do I, but if you did the sensible thing and checked the flight data that’s available on flightaware, you’d have seen that the peak cruising speed was significantly higher on this flight than all other...
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    OLCI BPs Now Include Express Path Pass

    All airlines pay for it, the cost of running it is bundled into the generic security charge. There's no reconciliation to individual airlines, exactly why low cost carriers don't like it.
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    The night the bogans visited the F lounge

    Lucky those walls are paper thin, otherwise you would have been none the wiser about the baby being changed on the carpet and had one less thing to complain about. I don't know if you have kids yourself but as parents we get pretty good at changing nappies without getting s**t everywhere. Plus...
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    Who did the Qantas double status credit offer?

    I'll keep an eye out those kind of options, thanks mviy!
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    Who did the Qantas double status credit offer?

    I get spammed almost daily by QFF for every 'special' under the sun. But the only special I really really wanted (ie DSC) never arrived. Very frustrating as I had some bookings to make and will end the year about 50 SCs short of qualifying for Platinum for the first time. Cest le vie
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    Can't login to QFF account - 8 June

    Thanks for the replies guys. I still can't login through the main screen on mobile version of the site. Thinking it might be related to using a now outdated version of iOS but I'm on the road for work at moment and don't feel like paying for 800MB of new iOS at hotel internet rates. Will try an...
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    Can't login to QFF account - 8 June

    Hi everyone, is anyone else having trouble logging in to QFF tonight? I've tried with iphone and ipad but it appears to not be recognising numbers in the membership number and pin boxes. :confused:
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    Any one at SYD Mon 20.3.17 near gates 54/55?

    Hi Bindibuys, you could also try checking with the airport directly. Lost Property is contactable on 133 793 or [email protected] Hope there's a miracle and the hat is there waiting for you!
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    Charging to drop pax off at airports

    That was three years ago now. Plenty of time to sell if you hate them that much. You could always donate the capital growth and dividends youve received over that period to a charity if you feel so strongly about their conduct
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    "Fly Ahead" is dead - but will this idea work to change flights?

    VA436 isn't in the GDS on 11 Feb so that will explain why you can't see it on the website. VA427 (ADL to SYD at 3pm) on 11 Feb is also missing from the GDS - it might be a bug in the system or they may have pulled a rotation. I'd call them to check that the service to ADL you're currently booked...
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    Different points earn on same sector in opposite direction

    It's actually 40% :) You get 5 points per dollar spent on domestic fares. So I guess the question is did you pay 40% more for that ticket?
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    QF 79 MEL to NRT

    26 March is the first day of the northern summer 2017 season, so they are probably waiting for confirmation of slots and timing before removing the disclaimer for those flights