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  1. annielee

    Free Kogan vouchers

    Got a $30 Kogan voucher, T & C as per below.. dont like the idea of selling it in Ozbargain, so i will send the code to the 1st regular poster, minimum 50 posts. $30 voucher valid until 11:59PM 28 February, 2018. Single use only. Minimum spend $120. Voucher credit does not count...
  2. annielee

    Customs Opening Time at BNE?

    Trying to google, but cant find the answer.. anyone know the opening time for the custom office at BNE ? Got few big/oversized items need 'sightings' prior check in to claim TRS..
  3. annielee

    Hello Fresh $50

    My HelloFresh Referral Referring a friend really could not be any easier: Share your code to introduce someone new to HelloFresh, and we'll give your friend $50 off their first box! Every referral also scores you a $50 credit - all you have to do is jump into your account to claim it.
  4. annielee

    Free Hello Fresh - Free box (1)

    Got 2 vouchers available.. can choose either classic, veggie or family box only. Not sure can be used for existing customer or not.. Reply here if you are interested and have more than 100 posts. EDIT - GONE
  5. annielee

    Free Good Food and Wine 2017

    I've accidentally selected the SYD tickets (im based in MEL) which i wont be needing it (got it for free from Ozbargain posts) AFF - at least 8 months old and 88 posts .. (im not superstitious, just for fun) Reply here and i will send the e-ticket over..
  6. annielee

    Free KLIA Express valid till 15th May 2017

    Didnt managed to use it as my sister insisted sending me to the airport, hence the giveaway. Below are the only 'requirements' : - have a valid confirmed ticket to/from KLIA - AFF member for at least 6 months and 100 posts (preference will be given to those 'contributed' to AFF before) It's an...
  7. annielee

    Which airlines to credit to ?

    Last year, Qantas have a triple points promotion, but didnt noticed any promotion this year, so wondering where do you guys credit the double dip points to ??
  8. annielee

    Northern Europe March 2018

    Hi Experts.. Little bit about the trip.. Who - Me (flying from Mel and will be there a week earlier) and my 2 sisters (flying from SIN or KUL) When - March 2018 (2 weeks for my sis and im hoping to be there for 3 weeks) How - Still trying to figure out the most 'economical' way to get J...
  9. annielee

    QF - TG - MH connection questions

    Will be travelling in few months time, and got a rather 'weird' booking as per below, need some answers if anyone willing to share : QF > MEL - SYD, Y TG > SYD - BKK, F MH > BKK - KUL, Y Worried about my baggage allowance and also whether i have to clear custom or it will be check all the...
  10. annielee

    Alaska - JAL inventory

    Just read from Japan Airlines Awards Now Bookable Through Alaska Mileage Plan! - One Mile at a Time And tried some dummy search and it does have available seats from Asia, too bad Australia is not included..
  11. annielee

    Free 1 QC complimentary pass - expiry Aug 2016

    Just realised got one (expiring end of this month) and i wont be travelling this month.. Since I'm always late to the party...the 2nd post who reply will get the pass...
  12. annielee

    Finnair J ex-BKK to Europe from AU$2000

    Found the promotion via Google flights, and some prices are quite attractive.. Book by 5th September and travel by 30-06-17
  13. annielee

    Free Melbouurne Home show - 2 tickets

    Got free tickets in pdf format..for the Home show..details in the link below... Melbourne Home Show
  14. annielee

    Free Case of Jachmann apple cider (Melbourne)

    hello.. another freebies.. but for pickup (Highpoint Shopping Centre) or you pay the postage.. a case (12pk) of Jachmann Apple Cider (bought last year, buy a case and get one case free) Lady Williams Apple Cider | Jachmann Cider pm me, if anyone interested, i dont really like the taste...
  15. annielee

    Free 1x Chromecast

    Not travel related stuff.. Impulse buying, and do not need another one im giving this away.. Not the latest model, but might be useful to someone.. and its still unopen in the original box.. Happy to post it (i will be paying the postage if its less than $10)
  16. annielee

    Can't access QFF account?

    anyone having issue accessing to their qff account ?? i cant logon from last Thursday and called them and got told some issue with my account and they are investigating and will update me on the same day which they did not.. really got me worried..
  17. annielee

    status run on jetstar

    hello experts... i just got jetstar voucher of $500 and wish to maximise it to earn some status credit, preferably travelling within AU and NZ (its on sales now) over the weekend (any weekend till march 2016) and i've to use the voucher in one booking only.. anyone got suggestion ?
  18. annielee

    Enrich to QFF

    Hi Experts, I am new to this (premium flying) world and would like to maximize or get a better status that what im at the moment (which is nothing !) - only MH Enrich Blue/QFF Bronze.. Been flying MH Business at least once a year MEL-KUL-MEL, and im not able to even get to MH Silver.. thinking...
  19. annielee

    Mel - Adl - Kul

    One stupid question.. I will be traveling to KL via ADL from Mel.. 13/12 - Mel - ADL (Jetstar economy, arriving at about 9pm) 14/12 - ADL to KUL (MAS business, departing at 10am) My question is can i check in to MAS flight after i landed at the ADL, and head straight to the MAS lounge ? Or...
  20. annielee

    Upgrading biz class on the spot

    I already bought my ticket from MAS (biz class KUL - MEL) and my mom suddenly want to follow me, which im alright.. and i went ahead to purchase a normal economy ticket without realizing i had a Biz class ticket, im just wondering will it be cheaper to upgrade (paying cash/CC not points) now or...