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    HSBC Platinum Visa

    Hi all Haven't seen this posted anywhere on AFF yet. HSBC Platinum have recently added Velocity to their reward schemes. If anyone is on the same boat as me, running the Citibank Signature and American Express Platinum Edge, you may be missing rewards on some transactions like insurance /...
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    Four Seasons Loyalty Program

    Hi all I will have some significant spend (a wedding) at a Four Seasons hotel in the near future and it was only through this forum that I learnt that some stays at hotels with eligible reward programs allowed accrued points to be transferred into a FF program. After doing some quick googling...
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    The value of a citibank reward point

    Hi all I am currently considering whether to use my citibank signature credit card in an upcoming overseas holiday. I do have a credit card with a local institution in the country (Singapore) so my consideration is between using a local card with no 3.3% fee which yields no points, vs using my...
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    ANZ Rewards Platinum Supp Card

    Hi all, I recently applied for an ANZ Rewards Platinum card. During the application process in the branch, I requested information about getting a Supp Card. The staff said that it would cost $10 extra p.a (I can stomach that, so I went ahead with the application), upon receiving the card in...