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    Similar story with same items (PlaneTags). MEL is my closest international gateway. started in Torrence, LAX (various places), SYD, MEL, “Canada” - place undefined but probably YVR, SFO, LAX, SYD, MEL. Another package again with PlaneTags went: Torrence, LAX, SYD, Sweden and thats where its...
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    Car hire Tasmania. Which company?

    Mark every scratch, dent and chip on the contract paperwork. The agents will hate you but it stops them hitting you for damage you were not responsible for. It’s best to rent an older “worn” car because any chips or dents you cause may be mixed up with existing damage and then ignored. Agents...
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    QF12 business class service fail?

    90 minutes or more for the first drinks service - I’m used to that on QF long haul (sigh). Even UA can do (much) better than that - and they serve warm nuts in a bowl, not that scrappy foil pouch that QF throws at you.
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    Sydney dinner Wednesday 18th July

    Just found this thread after an occasional visit. Normally in SYD but at this time I’ll be enjoying UA cuisine for far too many hours. Sorry.
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    Ponant Antarctica Beyond the Polar Circle

    I have done 2 trips to Antarctica. The first was on the Kapitan Khlebnikov (Stanley to Christchurch via the Peninsula, Peter 1 Island, Ross Sea, McMurdo, Campbell Island) and the second was on Sea Adventurer that did Ushuaia, Falklands, South Georgia, Peninsula and back to Ushuaia. Both were...
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    Scams like these

    I had "the call" from Microsoft advising of problems with my computer. I said "I'm so glad that you called - I had a call from you guys yesterday and did everything they said - and now my computer doesn't work - can you please help me to get it going again". I bumbled around for about 15 min...
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    Two Qantas group Fokkers clip tails at Paraburdoo

    Whatever you do, don't mention the bus ..
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    The "Actual" Top 100 places to see before you die!

    In no particular order: Peter I island (Antarctica) Bukhara (on the silk road) Tambopata Research Centre (Peruvian Amazon)
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    Do Travel Agents have access to the 'Exclusive Business" fare on QF?

    "Exclusive Business" was the name for the recent deep discounted I class fares. These were effectively 2 4 1 and required a companion booked on the same itinerary.
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    QF016 2-3-2 seating in PE?

    You are in business seats. Your lucky day. But make sure you go to BNE and not BRI : Great Circle Mapper
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    Missed connection and rebooked on next flight (24hrs) - typical compensation from UA?

    Re: Missed connection and rebooked on next flight (24hrs) - typical compensation from Get what you can from the agent at the airport than write (not email) to complain and state just how much this has cost you and "why should I continue to give you my business" etc. The reply letter should...
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    Has anyone in Oz received their 2012 card?

    Gold cards for me and Mrs og received over a week ago - along with personalised bag tags.
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    Problem - How to "sight" a credit card in Bangkok QF office?

    RJ do indeed make an issue of "must present CC at check-in or buy another ticket..." for a BKK origin flight. The check-in agent specifically looks for the card then promptly gives it back - no scanning or anything other than a quick look.
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    QF on-board recycling

    SK was separating used plastic "glasses" from general rubbish over 10 years ago. QF starting to do it now is hardly an initiative.
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    Passenger barred from F flight for tracky dacks

    I have travelled twice in UA F (Trans Pacific) whilst wearing shorts - exactly as I was wearing in the office before hand. Not an issue with any crew. Likewise for QF F international - no problems with anyone. The story must have more in it than is reported by the media.
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    Melb - LHR Business as Hard as Ever!

    Of course availability will be limited (or non existant) < 1 month before travel. This is exactly the period when most business fares are sold. If you are tying for award seats from 11 months prior, then you are almost guaranteed to get what you want. Either that or you could try a few days...
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    Severe turbulance puts PAX in hospital - again

    Some time ago, SQ used to put the seat belt light on whenever there was a meal service. No turbulence (or even a hint of it). It just made the service that much quicker without the trolleys having to be pushed back to the galley whenever someone had to get up for the toilets.
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    How accurate is the Great Circle Mapper?

    And where on the airport do you take the point used for mileage? If two airports have 4 km runways, simplisticly, there is potentially 8km variation in this alone.
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    How accurate is the Great Circle Mapper?

    GCM is close but it never seems to exactly match the miles paid by airlines. Murphy Law states that when you are right on the QF SC level, GCM will show its over the line but QF will come in under the line.
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    Best way to access money in Europe

    An AMEX charge card with "express cash" enabled allows a withdrawl from your nominated Oz bank (savings) account at an AMEX ATM at the prevailing bank rate with a $1.25 usage surcharge. This seems the cheapest way to do it - so long as the cost of running an AMEX card is not an issue.