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    NYC short term Apartment Accomodation

    Hi all , have been reading a lot about how short term accommodation in Manhattan is illegal under 30 days ! I would love to hear about any apartments that our community may have stayed at in the past couple of years as the more i look the more confusing it becomes re the non existent apartments...
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    Platinum into Emirates Lounges ??

    I am Confused like many of you!! If I am WP and flying out of Dubai on OW ( BA ) in F , will i still get entry into the Emirates F lounge ???
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    Platinum v Gold access to award seating

    Well after a status run tomorrow i will qualify WP for the first time - yippee ! Then i will be organizing a trip through Dubai to London through to NYC and back home .... hopefully the majority or all in F . Having looked at availability for such a trip today and being quite flexible with dates...
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    Check in times for Q card reader

    Hi all , Doing a JASA status run tomorrow MEL - SYD - ASP - SYD - MEL . Do not have any luggage obviously . Have not used Q card reader before , so is 30 - 40 minutes before the time of the flight plenty of time to scan ? On an early flight so wont have much need for the J lounge . Also , will...
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    Updated Business Class

    Hi all , does anybody know if the daily QF service to ASP ( QF 790 ) has had the new business class installed yet ? Experienced it from BNE to MEL on Monday and was impressed especially with the IFE , Thanks, Paul
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    Status Run Completed Today

    Wow , Just Finished JASA status run .... MEL - SYD - AYERS ROCK - SYD - MEL in the one day = 240 s/c Whats more - i had Business class to myself both ways SYD - AYERS ROCK . Delightful cabin staff couldnt do enough for me . Asked me to let them know what time i wanted to eat lunch . Even let me...
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    2 status runs

    Hi all , doing my first status run next Saturday - MEL -SYD -AYERS ROCK - SYD - MEL on the one day for 72000 points and $200 on a JASA in return for 240 status credits . The following Saturday will be my second status run - MEL - BRIS - CNS - BRIS - MEL for 72000 points and $360 on a JASA...
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    Dj 334 ?

    Hi all , Can see DJ334 has left Bris at 2.55 pm and is suppose to land Mel at 6.15 pm , but cannot see it anywhere on Melb arrivals ...... cannot understand ????
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    Are The Points Value ???

    Hi all, I have to pay the balloon on a car lease of $15500.00 and the financier will take an AMEX payment with 2% meaning $316.33 will buy me 23,250 points . Now considering i would more than likely use the points for JASA flights ...... does the community see this as good value ?? The fee for...
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    Select and signature points redemption

    I am confused ...... i know that with these cards it is 1:1 with Qantas ....ok Now if you opt for the citi rewards program and receive 2 points per dollar spent - does that transfer to 2 KF points per dollar spent or do they dumb it down in the conversion ??? please help ...... very confused . PD
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    Best vs Webjet

    Just been checking out internal flights in the USA and to me it seems that Best Flights has it all over Webjet for choice !! Am i missing something ?? Also , any opinion about Frontier Airlines in the states ? Thanks , PD
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    Best J seating on QF 07 to Dallas ?

    Hi all , Any opinion on the best J seating on QF 07 in the new fitout 747s . Flying on my own ..... upstairs / downstairs etc etc Thanks in anticipation , PD
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    How Long To Get Through Security At LAX ?

    Hi all , Will be on QF 94 next Friday night out of LAX at 11.30 pm . How early should i get to the airport beforehand ?? And how busy is that flight by the way as i have requested an upgrade to J . It is a long way in Y !!!! Thanks for any tips , PD
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    Guesting into F lounge

    I understand that there is a different section to post guest invites into lounges but i am wondering what the criteria is for doing so ? If i am flying on QF points in F and am on BA metal can i guest PAX from other flights into the F lounge or do they have to be on the same flight as myself ...
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    F check in and BA v Qantas

    Hi all , having just burned alot of points for a couple of F tickets MEL -SIN return I am wondering that since we will be flying Qantas Business class to Sydney to meet up with QF1 and BA15 do we still do curb side check in at MEL airport ? We are both flying within 45 min of each other and are...
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    Auckland by car to Rotorua

    Hi all , will be flying into Auckland in January but wont bother heading into the city . Instead we will hire a car and head sth to Rotorua . Any suggestions on overnight stays on the way down there ( we only have 3 nights ) and which is the best hotel to stay at in Rotorua . (no kids involved...
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    fancy Singapore Restaurant

    Hi all , I have been to Changi Airport plenty of times in transit but only stayed overnight once . However I find myself in the position of spending several nights there soon and i have / want to impress some friends of mine there ! I need to know a super dooper place to dine ( open to all...
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    Melb F Lounge

    Hi all , has anyone got the direct phone number of the Melb F Lounge at hand ?
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    First class Amenities Pack ??

    Can somebody please let me know what on earth is in the amenities pack for MEN on Qantas First Class :confused:
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    Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

    Hi All , Any Ideas on Getting the best rates on a night at Marina Bay Sands . Just gotta have a drink in the Infinity Pool 50 floors up . Also , any reviews on the hotel ?