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  1. GazzaOak


    I do have some china adventures that im willing to share, but however its going to take time to upload it
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    Well, i did post some stuff before, but thought i shall say hi and introduce myself as GazzaOak
  3. GazzaOak

    China - never a dull moment!

    Yep.... no smoking but an ashtray is provided.... you know what that means..... but anyways.... my mate decided to smoke anyways....
  4. GazzaOak

    Best ways to sleep on a plane

    Well I stay awake for the whole night before (or maybe do heavy workout on the day that im suppose to leave if i do fall asleep the night before). Works alright for me....
  5. GazzaOak

    Entering the US (LAX) with US Citizen - which line to use

    In short, its can be no, but however there can be rare cases. In Bangkok, me and my mum were directed to the Thai passport queue because my mum has both thai and aussie passport.
  6. GazzaOak

    Emirates. Have they outgrown their capacity to give decent service??

    I used EK from SYD-BKK and back last year..... i would say its a bit meh in comparison with Thai Airways which i generally use when i go to SYD-BKK and back
  7. GazzaOak

    Double liquid bag search coming back in Australia

    Yep had that happen to me in both HKG and BKK (im sure that happens with almost every inbound flight to Australia and the US).... I just think its just goddam pointless Oh btw, my mate flew Air China from Beijing to Sydney, and they don't do that pointless bag check. Anyone flew from China (not...
  8. GazzaOak

    United Airlines B777 Seating - How good is it?

    Beats having a 10-across B777.....