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    Confidential Virgin Blue management letter leaked

    A letter that was supposed to be kept "in-house" in Australia’s low cost operator airline, Virgin Blue, has found its way on to the internet :: View topic - Virgin Blue tries to stretch resources without recruiting
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    Is the TSA selling ill-gotten goods? And do they do the same in Oz?

    Remember that Swiss Army knife in your flight carry-on that you’d forgotten about until the guards who x-rayed your stuff at the airport security checkpoint “discovered“ it. You wern’t planning on hijacking the fight, or even carving your name into the seat-back tray table. It had been a...
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    Why airline CEOs should be paid motor mechanic's wages.

    Good auto mechanics aren’t easy to find, and when you do get a good one, you stick with him, knowing you’ve found a guy who can tune, service, and maintain your car in tip top running order. Now I like cars - especially those “top of the range” vehicles like Ferrari and Rolls Royce...
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    QANTAS ~ more than a business. The AUSTRALIAN airline.

    For people around the globe, and especially for Australians, whether at home or overseas, QANTAS has meant employment for Australians within Australia, frequently overseas in offshore QANTAS offices, and supplementary employment for some non-Australian staff. But the current CEO of QANTAS, Mr...
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    Those Fuel Levies we pay - tell us more, Mr Dixon.

    I've stolen/borrowed some questions from, asked by True Blue Vegemite, that I feel are relevant, and becoming even moreso, as airlines (QF in particular) continue to jack these surcharges up. At what stage of the accounting process the revenue raised from the collection of fuel...
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    Crew meals - look at what they get!

    If airlines can afford to feed their crews, they can jolly well afford to feed those of us who PAY for the priviledge of allowing them to fly! Here's some photos of what you could expect to get, as a crew member CREW MEALS I'd be happy to share them 50-50 with a companion traveller. It's about...
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    Other aviation forums

    Nice website presentation. Hi all, a search for this topic revealed zilch, so I thought as a thread opener I would let all of you FF'ers know about a website that I and a couple of other Aussies kicked off earlier this year. Its name is, and the logo for the website is PIREP is the...