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    QF Status Credit earn on Qatar in J out of Northern Europe

    Thanks. Looks like as suspected the table was correct not the calculator. Good to know! Now to decide whether to book (the Q suites are calling me).
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    QF Status Credit earn on Qatar in J out of Northern Europe

    Hi all. Hoping someone has a recent experience that can clear up a contradiction on the QF website for me. I'm looking at some J fares out of Oslo and Stockholm next year that are very attractive. The QF earning calculator says J from Oslo or Stockholm to Doha earns 30 SC, but the partner...
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    Newbie question re international lounge access when flying partner airlines

    Hi all, I'm a relative newbie to the world of VA's international partner lounges as I'm on my first international trip since qualifying as VA Gold. In a couple of days I'm flying Etihad in Y out of Tokyo Narita (on an EY flight number). My question is whether generally when flying partner...
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    Online check in - what seats become available?

    To add some more data points I'm a pretty lowly silver and was able to check in to row 3 at a kiosk on a (pretty empty) early morning CBR-MEL flight. I've also been able to check into row 4 via online check in about 15 hours before boarding HBA-SYD. So clearly it does open up but I couldn't tell...