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    Emirates links Skywards to Amex Membership Rewards

    From today's Travel Daily: "Emirates has announced a new partnership with American Express, under which Amex Membership Rewards members will be able to transfer points into the EK Skywards loyalty scheme. The worldwide deal “opens up new pathways to the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe for...
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    First Time Flyers SYD/LAX/YVR

    Hi guys, Very good friends are travelling on their first overseas trip on Friday, and I am just trying to arm them with some handy info. Their flights are: 01MAY QF107 SYDLAX 1015 0640 01MAY AS703 LAXYVR 1310 1618 My questions: 1. Are they able to check their bags all the way through...
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    Velocity Offer 'that's out of this world'

    Just received an email from Velocity Rewards that says: 'Qantas Frequent Flyer is currently telling people to switch to one of their direct earn credit cards. They've even thrown in an incentive. You may think that sounds enticing, but we think you should wait - at least until February...
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    Advice please: To redeem or not to redeem....

    Hi guys, After your advice please :) I am planning to travel from Sydney to Bangkok 09 May with a friend....and have the following options: 1. Redeem points via Amex TravelKey....47000 points per person return flying BA (so 94000 points plus approx $700 taxes). Booked in BA O class. 2...
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    New Amex Rewards Promotion - Virgin Blue - 5 Bonus Points per Dollar

    Just noticed this new deal on the Amex site: Until the 16th of March 2008, book any flight in Australia with Virgin Blue on your American Express Card and receive 5 Bonus Points for every dollar spent. That's on top of the points you already earn. Simply click here, to book your next flight...
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    News Article: Jetstar passengers kicked out of airport

    Haven't posted in this section before so please move if I have made an error ;) From today's SMH: Jetstar passengers kicked out of airport - Travel - And from Jetstar passengers kicked out of airport |