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  1. SimonF

    NAB Platinum insurance - is YQ from reward flights included in required $500 amount

    I was reading through the wording on the eligible charges of $500 in order to get comp travellers insurance for Virgin NAB Platinum. Does anyone think that YQ (taxes and surcharges) from a reward flight would count towards this $500 required. I can see that it excludes the points its self but...
  2. SimonF

    Changing a reward flight date after taking the first flight

    I couldn't find the answer to this and SQ website seems ambigious however can i book a return trip and then after taking the first flight still move the date of the return leg? Or can i only do that before i start the journey? This is a SQ redemption on SQ.
  3. SimonF

    Airline ad video

    Does anyone remember that video I think was air new Zealand that was all about their all inclusive rates and joked about charges for cabin sanitiser, social club and landing in Wollongong or somewhere like that and transferring.
  4. SimonF

    Which credit cards give travellers insurance on FF redemptions

    Does anyone have a list?
  5. SimonF

    Idea for Platinum comp upgrades

    Just thinking about this today. Since you can now upgrade from saver booking to business, what do you think of the idea of being able to upgrade using platinum comp upgrades for double the amount (than currently for a flexi fare) from a saver fare? Seems like a win win to me.
  6. SimonF

    Hobart baggage slow and rough handling

    Is it just me or does it seem to take quite a bit of time for the luggage to come out? Then when it comes out it priority luggage is ignored and never first then quite a few items I've seen come out broken. Is this just me or is this typical of this airport?
  7. SimonF

    Online check in - what seats become available?

    I've never done an online check in before... I guess I'm old fashioned however do all the seats become available to anyone or are some still blocked? Just wondering if it's worth my effort. Any difference or say plat compared to gold compared to statusless person?
  8. SimonF

    Balance transfers for existing customers

    Do they offer anything or just for when you apply for new card?
  9. SimonF

    Elite only campaigns

    Does such things exist on a regular basis? Seems like it would be great if you could let me know if i`ve missed out on anything or even have a separate section in your website for elite benefits after an elite member logs in so we can see all those great campaigns just for us.
  10. SimonF

    What`s the best Amex earning value for money card? Is it David Jones card?

    I suspect it might be a toss up between the Edge and David Jones but welcome your thoughts. I`m exploring another option with my earning (vs going down the DJ route) where I want as many Amex reward points as possible to transfer to SPG to transfer to an airline program that no other company...
  11. SimonF

    Best Virgin FF earning CC

    I see quite a few threads about this with various situations and I guess everyone is different but from what I`ve read it seems either getting the High flyers CC is the way to go except Citibank CS sucks so that`s not exactly a positive but then do i spend the money getting an amex edge to get...
  12. SimonF

    Any plans to becoming an airline partner of any big hotel group other than Hilton?

    It would be nice if I could transfer my SPG (my personal preference) and Marriott points into my Velocity account, any chance of this becoming reality any time soon? There has to be a reason why both you and QF are hooked up with Hilton and not Starwood.... do Starwood charge too much?
  13. SimonF

    Companion gold or family pooling

    I tried searching for a thread but failed to find anything. I am trying to work out whether to family pool miles and SC to get Gold for my partner or whether i should aim for companion gold. So far all i can gauge is that if i family pool it will only take 400 sc to renew her gold rather than...
  14. SimonF

    Plat bonus upgrades with new system

    So is the upgrade now only for a sector or still for a complete booking like before?
  15. SimonF

    Plat to Gold Baggage allowance question

    Hi there, I am currently platinum and just made a booking for a period after my platinum expires and i know i`ll be downgraded to gold. Which baggage limit applies? On my confirmation is shows my luggage allowance that i have as a plat, will this fly for when i check in or will i get only gold...
  16. SimonF

    Lounge access questions

    Hi all, I'll be flying into SYD with JL and i want to see if i can use the domestic DJ lounges as an arrival lounge as a Plat with Virgin. I think i get access as i think they have open doors policy. I've never really tested any of this as i just fly with DJ all the time and never think about...