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  1. The Rok

    Removing QFF number from booking

    Try using Qatar Airways website.....
  2. The Rok

    AA February 2015 Offer

    Where are the 100% Share Bonus offers gone? Are they ever coming back?
  3. The Rok

    Aer Lingus set to accept IAG (BA) takeover bid, back into OW?

    Isn't EI already an OW affiliate? Don't both BA & QF book tickets on them?
  4. The Rok

    Q. regarding shipping laptop with lithium battery from the US

    Get some points and start planning a trip to NY.... Problem solved!
  5. The Rok

    Downgraded from business class-AGAIN[Flight Change Revoked]

    What an absolute load of cough... If QF had called you up and said hey, sorry, but more important pax rocked up after you and requested your seat so we bumped you, the threads on here would be wild with outrageous accusations about how QF doesn't value your money and why is your money not the...
  6. The Rok

    Aquire 10K bonus for using a new partner and double flight points

    I got my 10k joining bonus, my 38 points from my staples purchase, but no 10k partner bonus. I'm hopeful that because the staples points posted automatically within 14 days I might get the 10k bonus automatically too.
  7. The Rok

    The totally off-topic thread

    Unfortunately I work on a mine site, where dust is unavoidable!
  8. The Rok

    The totally off-topic thread

    Oh hayfever go away
  9. The Rok

    The totally off-topic thread

    Iv had it in my left foot. Pain lasted a year or so, on and off. DR offered me a Cortozone injection, but said it only had a 50% success rate in "resetting the pain thingy". I just learned to live with it.
  10. The Rok

    The totally off-topic thread

    The MRI showed Mild to Moderate Disc Degeneration, but that's about it, Tonight is the first night I have had pain in my leg, with a strong pulsing sensation in my rear lower calf, don't know if it's related though.
  11. The Rok

    The totally off-topic thread

    My "Company Doctors" can't find a problem. Diagnosed me with "Non Specific Back Pain" Came and offered me a financial settlement last week, to which I replied, get stuffed, I don't want your money, I want you to fix the problem! The pain seems to be getting worse.
  12. The Rok

    The totally off-topic thread

    Nope. Iv been taking Tramadol and Nurofen Plus, does nothing for my back. Not does Voltaren, Naproxen or any other pain killer... They are all useless for me... Like taking skittles
  13. The Rok

    New Laptop advice

    I too bought the 13" MacBook Pro, only I bought it at DJ's on price match to Dick Smith, for 4 points per dollar. Couldn't be happier with the laptop. Exceptional speed and performance, and being an Apple, build quality and appearance are exceptional.
  14. The Rok

    Quick status question

    Our Corporate Rate is 1 Year $200 Joining Fee, + $240 Annual Fee, so $440 all up 2 Year $200 Joining Fee + $420 Annual Fee, so $620 all up
  15. The Rok

    Quick status question

    Dropped back to PS today. Ill have to get onto Travel Team to organise Corporate QC Membership!
  16. The Rok

    Jetstar - Coming to a minesite near you soon

    With FMG Charters you get the base minimum points only (678) No SC's. When QF changed their SC earning structure in July we briefly got SC's, but that ended when someone cottoned on!!!!
  17. The Rok

    Jetstar - Coming to a minesite near you soon

    Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian At this stage it doesn't affect me, I'm Friday rostered, but I suspected something was coming a while ago when they repainted the parking lines on the tarmac at the airstrip to include A320 & B737 in addition to the F100....
  18. The Rok

    Multiple Credit Card Applications and cancellations

    The first step I would advise anybody in this country to do is the day you turn 18, sign up for Veda Advantage and follow your score and credit file monthly. Everybody checks their bank and credit account statements monthly, your credit file is just as important. It's $85 a year well spent...
  19. The Rok

    Quick status question

    Is anybody able to identify what this means? Was I comped Gold? I didn't earn enough to requalify, but the part throwing me off is that it still says "Status Reassessment Will Occur on 31st Oct 2014" Is it just an bug and I'll get busted back to Silver over the next few days?
  20. The Rok

    Ask The Pilot

    What voltage are modern aircraft. I know the have ability to generate 220v for the in seat charging, but are all the primary electronics and electrics 220v or is it lower and the plane just uses an inverter to gain in seat charging?