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  1. The Rok

    Jetstar - Coming to a minesite near you soon

    Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian At this stage it doesn't affect me, I'm Friday rostered, but I suspected something was coming a while ago when they repainted the parking lines on the tarmac at the airstrip to include A320 & B737 in addition to the F100....
  2. The Rok

    Quick status question

    Is anybody able to identify what this means? Was I comped Gold? I didn't earn enough to requalify, but the part throwing me off is that it still says "Status Reassessment Will Occur on 31st Oct 2014" Is it just an bug and I'll get busted back to Silver over the next few days?
  3. The Rok

    AA Award - DUB - DPS

    Looking for some assistance. Will be needing to book my folks from DUB to DPS in J. Flight is not until July 2016, but I want to get stated early so I know what I need to do. I have not been able to get anything on the AA website this morning. Anybody have any suggestions? I might actually...
  4. The Rok

    Status run hits the news

    Man travelled 29739 kms in FIVE DAYS for British Airways gold card | Daily Mail Online If only people knew just how rife this was before the end of JASA's
  5. The Rok

    Interesting air stats

    The top five airlines ranked by total scheduled freight tonnes carried were Federal Express (7.1 million), UPS Airlines (4.1 million), Emirates (2.1 million), Korean Air (1.4 million) and Cathay Pacific Airways (1.3 million). - See more at: Dublin-London is now second Interesting that emirates...
  6. The Rok

    HH Reward Bookings - Base Points

    Do HH Reward Bookings earn base points for status qualification? And if so, at what rate? Or does it just count as eligible nights?
  7. The Rok

    Flight Centre

    Flight Centre are currently advertising PER-JNB return in J for $3,173pp incl all taxes. I have emailed them for more info but does anyone have an idea as to what these flights may be? Are they going to come back with a QF classic of PER-DXB (Y) and then DXB-JNB (J) or something silly like that?
  8. The Rok

    Waiver of eligibility for sign up bonus points

    Has anybody ever been successful in getting a waiver on the requirement of not holding a current Amex card now or within the past 12 months while applying for another card and securing the sign up bonus? I currently have a DJ's Platinum Amex, but I really want the Platinum American Express...
  9. The Rok

    Emirates considering the 747-8

    Fuel-efficient Boeing pursues Emirates | Irish Examiner I wonder if there is any truth to it? Boeing is talking to Emirates, the world’s biggest operator of the Airbus A380 superjumbo, about a potential purchase of the 747-8, as the airline seeks more fuel-efficient carriage of large...
  10. The Rok

    Truck slams into side of stationary cargo jet

    Video has been released of the moment a cleaning truck crashed into the side of a stationary cargo jet at Miami International Airport. Ouch. Truck slams into side of stationary cargo jet
  11. The Rok

    Fast track to WP

    My SG status expires on the 31st of oct this year and I will be 600 SC short of renewal. Is there a way of burning some points (I have 320,000) to re qualify for SG or better still, hit WP? Or am I dreaming? I would prefer WP, that way I can wear my hi vis $ thongs in the domestic business...
  12. The Rok

    'Smoker' detained on Emirates flight

    I wonder if he was an AFF'r? 'Smoker' detained on Emirates flight The arrogance of some people is astounding. I watched about 6 hours of Ultimate Airport Dubai last night and some peoples sense of entitlement is way out of sync with reality….
  13. The Rok

    Container sucked into plane engine

    The ground crew at Singapore's Changi Airport may have some explaining to do after a container was sucked into the engine of a Boeing 777, causing an estimated $15 million worth of damage in under 30 seconds. Container sucked into plane engine
  14. The Rok

    Amex to Aadvantage

    Is there any Australian Amex issued cards that allow you to transfer to AA or even USDM's? I know you can transfer through SPG but it's basically a cough exchange rate!
  15. The Rok

    Duck! Moment Argentine pilot performs fly-bys METRES above onlookers

    VIDEO: Duck! Moment Argentine pilot performs fly-bys METRES above onlookers | Mail Online A bit close for comfort, perhaps some of our ex military pilots could comment, is this as dangerous as it looks or could an experienced pilot achieve this with relative ease?
  16. The Rok

    Most creative ways to recycle a plane

    Creative ways to recycle a plane - I particularly like number 5, the Engine Cowling Desk……..
  17. The Rok

    25 AA Miles per Dollar

    Summer Deals - AAdvantage Miles With Nice way to earn a few points. I am about to send my beautiful fiancé some flowers for no good reason other than I love her, oh and I will get 2850 AA Miles for it….
  18. The Rok

    Runway disappears in heavy rain during landing

    Runway disappears in heavy rain during landing Sure makes me appreciate jb747's job a lot more. That last minute decision can save a lot of lives.
  19. The Rok

    EK Code Share DXB-MIA

    With rumours floating that EK's next US destination from DXB will be Miami, does anyone think it will be a QF Codeshare? I feel the need to start travelling back to Florida to see family/friends on a regular basis but at $12,000 J fares it's steep! For those of us on the AU West Coast it...
  20. The Rok

    AFF Logo

    Where did the AFF Logo originate and does it mean anything or is it just a random drawing?