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  1. Pablo

    QF Boxing Day sale

    Hoping this is the right place to post this. I’m looking at going to SIN at the end of January. Currently no sale seats available for my dates, but I’m wondering if I book now, or hope that the AF Boxing Day sale has some good deals. Anyone have experience on what the QF Boxing Day sale...
  2. Pablo

    Best Accor property in Dubai

    Hi, can't find this elsewhere. Does anyone have recommendation on the best accor property in Dubai? Travelling with the family (2 kids) and want something nice (pref Sofitel or Pullman) and in a good location, but not the price (will wait for a sale to come on). Keen for suggestions. Haven't...
  3. Pablo

    June 2014 Super Sale

    The June 2014 super sale starts tomorrow 17th June. 40% off plus breakfast. super sale: 40% off your hotel room and breakfast for free!
  4. Pablo

    Free Lounge pass for Hong Kong

    Hi In a few weeks, I'm flying through Hong Kong with 3 very key business contacts (who are also in the media a fair bit) but who don't have lounge access with QF or CX. So I'm trying to see if anyone would have either 2 QF lounge passes or CX lounge passes for our 5 hours in Hong Kong. I'm...
  5. Pablo

    Booking Sydney properties on

    It's been mentioned here about the frustrating change to for when you book in Sydney. If you've tried lately, you can no longer search for all Sydney hotels at once, it wants to give you random "sectors" of Sydney to book. It's been so painful for me that I've booked IHG hotels...
  6. Pablo

    Sofitel private sale 40% off

    Sofitel have a private sale on now Sofitel Privates Sales
  7. Pablo

    Issue with Safari - keyboard disappears

    Does anyone know why my keyboard disappears from screen each time I type a letter on Safari on the iPad or iPhone? It's so frustrating and I now type replies in another program and copy and paste into the forum.
  8. Pablo

    Buying kids clothes in Bangkok or coughet

    Hi wondering if anyone has any tips for where to buy good and cheap kids clothes in Bangkok (or coughet)? A few years ago we found an awesome shop in Pratnum Markets but when we were back there last June it's wasn't there anymore. Thought someone on here would have some insider tips. heading...
  9. Pablo

    Sofitel So Bangkok

    I just posted this over on FT and had to post it here as well - you need to experience this hotel if in Bangkok. The So Bangkok is in a league of it's own - and they are still in soft opening stage - should be fully opened in the next 2 months or so. What is your Le Club status? Platinum Were...
  10. Pablo

    Grand Mercure Newcastle in receivership

    Grand Mercure Newcastle in receivership/liquidation Received a phone call today from Accor Hotels telling me the GM Newcastle has gone into receivership effective today and they are no longer taking bookings and canceling all future bookings (I have 4 in the next 2 weeks). Thankfully they are...
  11. Pablo

    Status Match with A Club?

    I tried for a status match with A|Club but they said it's not a competitor program!! That was a bit weird! Any thoughts on how to get them to match with A|Club? Cheers