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    QF announce non-stop Perth-London B787 Services

    Did you read the review. He was clearly a guest and hadn't paid for the ticket!
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    But you might be able to buy a Woolworth Group Giftcard (which includes Masters) from Woolies with your woolies dollars
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    AMEX Platinum Edge Referral bonus

    Cool, have done. Does that apply to Soulfood and wchiri on the previous page?
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    AMEX Platinum Edge Referral bonus

    Towards the bottom of your home page/my account page on the American Express website is a refer a friend link, Have you tried from there? Feel free to PM me or use my link if that helps anyone!
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    I think coles myer group might be immediate activation, but the DJs does need a while. You can ring up DJs to find out if it has activated, or try a online purchase, withdrawing before the payment goes through. There is no simple online balance checker :(
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    Re: the accor card, the small print on the back said that it couldn't be used for accor advantage rates, so I never bothered... Good to know that about Myer cards, instantly activated
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    Does Anyone know if Accor giftcards are activated imediatley (DJs cards seem to take a few days for me). Secondly, Can I purchase Accor girftcards from Woolies with an egiftcard, effectively taking 7.5% off the hotel rate? Thanks
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    Chef on call recomendations

    Just looking at the Chef on Call menu, Can anyone provide any recommendations for whats good and bad? Will update with a meals review after our flights in a few weeks time. Thanks Paul
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    "One bag travel" recommendations

    How about the Osprey Porter 46 Travel Pack, 1.10kg. The Caribee is also available from Myer, but as an "ION" branded bag, but the pictures are identical, if you're in a real hurry.
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    Carry on bag suggestions?

    How about the Osprey Porter 46 Travel Pack. relatively easily available in Australia. I've found good wheeled bags (Samsonite, American Tourister, Antler) at Trade Secret of all places.
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    best points earn for 26 day hertz hire in UK?

    Hi, I'm trying to work out the best ff points earn for a 26 day hertz hire in the UK. I have an Amex plat charge card so will be using that, but who should I direct the FF points from hertz to? If I make several consecutive booking, would I earn more as they seem to be per booking. I've got...
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    redemption booking problem

    Not to worry. After spending the evening on the phone I got the booking.
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    redemption booking problem

    Thanks Serfty, I've tried internet explorer, firefox, chrome. Tired clearing cookies. Tried at work and at home(on two computers), but no luck! It would be great if somebody could try to make a booking to see if you can get past the summary page (but obviously not pay!). Evan a miles+cash one...
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    redemption booking problem

    Hi, Has anyone been able to process a points redemption booking in the past few days? I get stuck at the flight summary, when I press next, to add the travellers, noting happens. I've conatcted Enrich via email and phone, but no response. Thanks Paul
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    Enrich 50% Redemption Sale

    I transferred points from Amex on Wednesday 4th 8am, still not arrived. Amex said it would take 2 days. Malaysia now say it'll take a week, but might be there on Monday morning! looks like they sucked me in...
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    15% bonus when TF from credit card to MH

    Has anyone confirmed with Enrich or Australian Amex that it doesn't apply to Aus Amex? Ta Paul
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    AMEX Platinum Edge Referral bonus

    Cool Plutonus, I'll give it a go!
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    AMEX Platinum Edge Referral bonus

    OK. Thanks for confirming this. Have to talk him into setting up a facebook account.
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    AMEX Platinum Edge Referral bonus

    Hi, Is this still working for anyone, I always get the facebook only thing, I have a friend who wants a referral but hates facebook... Thanks Paul