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    This is going too far : Dog dies in overhead locker~ I've been facetious about emotional support animals on board but this is ridiculous. How can a Flight Attendant think this is ok? Between beating and dragging people off flights and killing dogs...
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    If only he was allowed to have his emotional support Water Buffalo

    This could have been averted: 'Demonic' child screams non-stop for EIGHT HOURS on international flight… and his parents couldn’t do anything to stop the mid-air tantrum
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    Have we reached Peak Support Animal?

    A woman was denied boarding on United when she arrived with an emotional support PEACOCK! Woman denied emotional support peacock on United flight Should I take old man emu with me next trip? He's a good conversationalist.
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    What happened to suit packs?

    Back in the late 80's when I started travelling regularly for work (and wearing suits) we used to travel with a brief case and a suit pack. There was enough space for 2 suits 5 shirts, shoes and enough to get through a whole week, and could either be hung up in an cupboard onboard or a few...
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    Current Int Business Sale fares - when does sale end?

    I'm looking at a booking BNE LAX in Aug Sept to take advantage of Business Sale fare (and DSC) at $5192 retn. Can't book now and pay later on this ...not offered the option Current promo emails and on QF website don't show this fare only some at $8000+ Can anyone tell me how long this sale...
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    EgyptAir Domestic flight hijacked
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    Unable to select J seat on Award flight

    Have an award booking in J for Friday morning but can't select seats, only Aisle or Window. Never had this happen before. Am I likely to be bumped? Will have a look at T-80 tonight, and hopefully will be sorted out.
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    Prescription glasses in USA

    Is purchasing Prescription glasses in the US significantly cheaper than here? I'm assuming that an optometrist there would be able to use the Australian prescription?
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    Citibank has halved redemption rates for QFF - not just Velocity

    Apologies if this has already been noted. I was feeling unconcerned about the thread on Citi reducing earn rate for Velocity here: Reduction in Transfer Rates to Velocity/Krisflyer - Page 26 That was until I went to Citi to move my points, just in case. Reward points are now 2:1, halving the...
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    Bedbugs in Melbourne

    It appears I have been attacked by bedbugs during a recent stay at at top end hotel in Melbourne. Going to get it checked out by the Dr today but the hotel is the only suspect as I have not stayed anywhere else in the last month. I'm not one for chasing compensation, but should I advise the hotel?
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    Take advantage of 15% Pts bonus or credit to ??

    I have about 110k pts sitting in my Citibank rewards account. Could take advantage of the current bonus offering but would I get better value by crediting them to SQ or another program? Is 110K enough to get a j/f award to Europe from SIN on SQ? Are awards readily available to a member with no...
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    selecting fare bucket on QF multi city tool?

    Syd - PEN - BNE but only being offered Sale fare or Fully Flex. Wish to book into an upgradable bucket. Rang QF and was offered flexible but not upgradeable fare. Operator knew better than me at every stage only to be proved wrong (not possible then not available then not listening- wanted...
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    FJ J saver to the USA booking advice

    I am planning a trip to the US on FJ next month in a J saver, out of SYD or BNE. To take advantage of the cheaper price if booked out of NAN, I need to book separate tickets.....SYD-NAN rtn, then NAN- LAX rtn. There are decent connections with 3 hour layovers or earlier flights with about 18...
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    Has anyone received a DSC offer in 2014?

    With just 34 days to go to the end of my year, the hoped for DSC offer ( around 90 days out) that some are blessed with has not arrived. On current plans I will be 5 SC's short of requal WP....which can be made up easily enough. Very few of these planned flights are booked yet. However, after...
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    Which CC for Domestic Travel insurance coverage?

    Hi all I have Citibusiness Gold Visa and a WW Everyday Qantas Platinum cards. My travel will now require regular (domestic) hire cars and, reading around the forums, neither of these cards would cover the $3000+ insurance excess....or much i the way of TI generally. I have had no need or wish...
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    Just signed a new client to get me to requalify WP!!

    Most of my travel is self funded.....coming from my own company revenue and most of my work is here at home anyway. Have been able to qualify as WP through JASA's and some OS holidays in PE....and an unplanned status run in the USA brought about by Hurricane Sandy. Happy Days....I have just...
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    Tomorrow I become a WP

    Somewhere between BNE and MEL tomorrow I will clock up 1400 SC's with a few flights to come. Should I be expecting things to be perfect from now on? How should I act to live up the the "W" in WP? Should I try and find some new friends who will appreciate my new elevated status?
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    Trying to avoid being stuck in NYC

    Advice please! I am in PHL and due to leave NYC on the 31st on QF to LAX and then to BNE. Was going to take the train to NYC and AirTran to JFK on Wednesday but AMtrak trains are being cancelled as of now. All public transport in NYC is being shut down in a few hours. Airports are still open...
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    Taking aboard my own snacks?

    Hi Folks About to head to the US on Thursday and my diet has changed since my last long haul. I now follow a high protein diet and avoid wheat and other grains. Not that I can't eat them, but I do get very hungry at times. Most meals have a good selection of meats and veges but, what sort of...
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    Status credits on S7 QF codeshare

    Hi All If I book on the SYD MOW on s7, it is a codeshare to FRA on QF. Does this earn full QF Status credits? Regards