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    Fares to AFL and NRL grand finals

    The <redacted> CEO has shareholders and board members to please as well too.
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    QF schedule SYD-TSV A330 Rotation for Grand Final

    I love the flashes of Rainman on AFF.
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    How do people change into their pyjamas while flying International Business?

    In the toilets under the doona if the toilets are occupied and I can't be bothered waiting....
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    PER-SIN to return from June.

    Re: QF to resume PER-SIN flights With their ideology of fleet harmonisation, I strongly doubt it.
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    NAB Premium Rewards Card 40k bonus QFF Points with $0 annual fee first year

    Have to agree. I found out my credit card wasn't linked to my QFF for some reason. Called up the NAB Plat CC hotline on Sunday and added my QFF number. Checked my account this Wednesday morning and BAM 40,000 points. Unlike ANZ who made sure they took the full 3 months to post the points!
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    Korean Air CEO's daughter Cho Hyun-Ah goes nuts over nuts

    Oh Japan is just as bad as Korea with respect to deference to superiors. It contributed to the Fukushima nuclear plant disasters in 2011.
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    Qantas Business Class dinner - a 'hotdog' ??

    I can see where the name Princess Fiona comes from.
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    QF Premium Help line closing! (rebutted by Red Roo)

    That is true, my friend works in Camberwell and only fields call from Plat/P1 callers, he's kindly waived the 'change' fees for me quite a few times when needed. :)
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    Are DSC's Finished?

    Your life must be so hard.
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    Are DSC's Finished?

    Personally it was a blessing in disguise had a DSC presented itself earlier. I'm moving back to Melbourne (hometown) on 30 June, the same day my Gold status expires. I'll no longer be doing frequent domestic trips so don't need Gold... although if a DSC offer came in April or a few weeks ago I...
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    JL772 - Connecting from Melbourne

    I'm looking to travel to NRT on 29 June this year and have always why JL772 SYD-NRT departs at 0815 meaning connecting to JL772 domestically is impossible, the itinerary which their search engine spits out means I have to fly to SYD the night before? How is this even practical? Doesn't this...
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    CSM status ap

    Yes they have been using this for a while. I think some CSM will go without iPad if they can recall where the people they need to greet are sitting. But if there are many they might just take it with them to remind themselves. Anyhow had a really poor experience with it last year on QF24 which...
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    Award tickets further devalued with a new peak surcharge for tickets

    This is actually the perfect April Fools joke. Pity it was 43 days ago.
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    EY Gold Status match

    Just got a monthly statement from Etihad and it ticked over to Gold. Said the card was dispatched April 24. Finally! Now how long does this last?
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    Convincing Family Members to Transfer Points

    The boyf wants a ring on it first!
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    Double Status Credits 2014

    I'm hoping DSC offers will be sent out after the current sale ends at midnight tonight.... I need 160 to requal for SG..... still thinking about whether I want to or not!
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    Seat squatting in Exit Row Seats on International Flights

    Three years ago on SIN-MEL leg of LHR-MEL on the A380 (those were the days) I was in a standard seat with two parents on either side each carrying a crying baby on an overnight flight. I asked the CSM if I could be moved into an exit row seat, saying that I actually wanted to purchase one before...
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    Double Status Credits 2014

    So Easter has come and gone.... will DSC offers be sent in the coming days?
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    Heads up about program changes

    Wonder if these programme changes have lead to staff strictly following their rules. I've flown forward 6 times out of 6 requests at CBR airport travelling on classic awards and red e-deals, each time the staff were happy to accommodate my request despite no delays. Tried it tonight, was on...