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  1. Ashton

    Seating final time

    So we're off on Friday Could anyone with the relevant software let me know how many emergency exit row seats (QF31 on 7th) have been preallocated? Trying to find out if it's worth my while heading to the airport early Cheers for the advice over the past couple of weeks Thanks
  2. Ashton

    Which seating configuration is being used?

    Just wondering how I find out which seating config is being used? QF 747-400 14F, 64J, 265Y or QF 747-400 14F, 50J, 315Y or QF 747-400 56J, 356Y ? Flight # QF031 on 7th July Thanks
  3. Ashton

    More seat questions...

    On a similar pattern: As previously mentioned in an earlier thread, my wife & I are flying to London in July. We have been pre-assigned seats 40 G,H,K & 47 K. Question 1) Why have 4 seats been assigned? Is it 2 on the way and 2 for the way back? Which is which? Also none of these seats are...
  4. Ashton

    Emergency Exit Seats on Qantas

    Posted: Fri May 12, 2006 2:53 pm Post subject: Re: Seating/upgrade advice --------------------------------------------------------------------------------