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    Expiring Krisflyer Miles

    I (as will undoubtedly many others) have a raft of Krisflyer points expiring over the next 12 months. They had been earmarked for a trip last April but of course that was cancelled. It appears that Krisflyer has suspended transfers to Velocity since April 2020. What does everyone think of the...
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    Tax Deductibility of Rewardpay payments

    Hi all, Just a quick question. I have been paying our fiscal friend using a Bank issued AMEX. In order for the credit card surcharge to be tax deductible, I have been putting the AMEX into a positive balance prior to paying. If I were to use Rewardpay instead, I would presume that the fee...
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    RewardPay details for ATO

    Hi all, I'm considering using RewardPay to pay the ATO. To add the ATO as a payee you need to add details such as ABN, address etc. It is not clear what these details are! I would greatly appreciate it if people could tell me what they are using for: 1) ABN According to the Australian Business...
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    Complementary Car Rental Excess cover in Australia With ANZ Black

    Hi, I'm looking at the T&C for Complimentary Insurances for Premium cards with ANZ, On page 54, it appears that the only eligibility criteria for coverage for domestic rental car excess insurance are: i)...
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    Reduction in Transfer Rates for Citibusiness Gold

    Reading through the thread regarding the recent reduction in transfer rates for Citibank to Krisflyer and Velocity, it looks as though the transfer rate from Citibusiness Gold to Qantas Frequent Flyer has recently halved! Can anyone confirm this?
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    Citi Prestige Card

    Hi, I have just received an email from Citibank saying that the Citibank Select card will be replaced by the Citi Prestige card on October 30: What (if any) changes do you think the new card will bring?