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    Melbourne International new security schemozzle

    When I went through last time, it wasn't just the ridiculous requirement o use multiple trays - but the wicked angry security guard whose aggressive behaviour was more fitting for an episode of Prisoner - then demanded what I had said about her under my breath!
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    Port Macquarie Accom

    Rydge is ok - but I do wonder why such a Hotel still has the showers located over the bath tub - not great for those who are not agile. I spent my many child hood christmas holidays at Port Macquarie - only returning for funerals these days. There are a few emerging places that are good - but...
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    FF Account just hacked and almost 300,000 points taken

    Today I logged into my QF account to discover almost 90,000 points stolen to purchase flights. Three separate transactions - and the ff centre was able to tell me the names in which they were purchased (most likely not their real names). The ff centre was supportive and advised that once I send...
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    Entry to Qantas Lounge

    Sorry but you will have no hope of getting in if you are flying Garuda, The terms and conditions are quite clear and they check your boarding pass at the Lounge.
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    Immigration experiences in the USA after visiting Iran?

    Not that I am aware of. My wife traveled there last year and the delay at the airport getting a visa on arrival was significant, if you apply for a visa before going - they will require your passport to insert the visa. This is a country where the ATM's don't link to the outside world - so the...
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    Immigration experiences in the USA after visiting Iran?

    If you have an Iranian stamp in your passport and you are using ESTA you run a very real risk of being sent straight back. This happened to a Board member of Tourism Victoria - who was attending the Gedday USA events. So it appears that it can happen across the board.This poor guy was marched...
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    Where should I eat in Cairns

    I would ignore downtown Cairns and head for Collins Avenue Edge Hill. There you will find everything from genuine Japanese, great Cantonese, Tapas, great pizza. And more importantly, some genuine hospitality.
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    UL is coming to Melbourne!

    I may have mislead you as the sleeping Lounge is in the Serendip Lounge - not the Serendiva lounge. I have only ever visited the Serendip Lounge at Colombo, as a OW Platinum on J flights - there is a room with about 6 reclining lounges and blankets provided. They gently wake you up when your...
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    UL is coming to Melbourne!

    Sri Lanka is a great place to visit - currently seems to be predominantly Russian and German tourists in certain areas. The direct flight will be a good opportunity. UL can be a bit hit and miss sometimes - but I have found that their service is much better on the longer routes. The Colombo...
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    Jetstar ranks lowest of more than 70 airlines in major survey by consumer groups

    I could not agree more. I have observed some appalling behavior by some passengers in JQ - on one occasion a male passenger stood up as take off had been completed and demanded that his food be served to him. There is a general sense of entitlement that exists in relation to airline services -...
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    Jetstar ranks lowest of more than 70 airlines in major survey by consumer groups

    I have flow JQ on numerous occasions - and I also understand it is a LCC - so not sure why anyone would expect anything but a very basic service, I have used JQ regularly on the Melbourne Cairns route - it gets you there safely and staff are polite - that's what you pay for - and a three hour...
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    Newbie asking for option to keep Gold Status

    I think it is very worthwhile maintaining your Gold Status. If you want to keep your gold status - it all comes down to good planning. If you have flexibility and time - travelling to and from China offers you a few good options to earn status credits by going via Denpasar or Kulal Lumpur...
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    UL Thai website launch promo 20% off

    Thanks for clarifying that. But it still does not give a traveler much confidence in the management of an airline when such events are occurring.
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    630,000 Qantas Points Lost - Can anyone help guide me on their reinstatement

    I agree that it is very hard to get points back - have never heard of a successful case. However, if you have medical reasons - why not document your case and attach a medical certificate and give it a go.
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    UL Thai website launch promo 20% off

    Rather than worrying about the code - I'd suggest you may wish to google and find out about some of the internal problems Sri Lankan airlines are having at the moment. On a recent flight into Colombo on UL I read the local paper to discover that there were cases where a pilot had refused to be...
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    Qantas 'Enhances' Upgrade Rates

    Epicure is great value for points - as a wine lover I am amazed how my preferences are affected by the number of points I can get for a dozen red. With the right choice your J class flight is only a few dozen bottles away.
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    Opinions - Qantas v China Southern, PER to LAX, Y

    I would never fly CZ on an international flight. I have flown them internally in China - and that's fine but my Chinese relations would not fly them internationally for a number of reasons - comfort and customer service being two of them. If you want some benefit from status credits, have you...
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    Qantas FY2016 results announcement - what to expect

    I travel regularly and have for many years. I do not believe that there has been any real reduction in service by Qantas during the restructure - and there have certainly been improvements in some area during this time - there maybe a reduction in some perks that people have previously taken...
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    Qantas FY2016 results announcement - what to expect

    Of course there was criticism in some quarters when necessary change was brought about. But then again the ultimate test is in their passenger numbers and it is quite clear with their increased loads that any criticism was not matched by a rush departure of customers to other airlines. I think...
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    Fiji or bali holiday with one year old

    I certainly would not rule out Bali with young children - from my experience it can be great. I would check out the resort available at Bali versus Fiji - both have pros and cons - with issues like direct flights available - fare costs and travel on ground - and access to a comfortable and...