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  1. clipped_wings

    Stop the COVID-19 Train......I WANT TO GET OFF!

    It would seem there is not a Human Being left on Earth that has not been impacted by the insidious onslaught of COVID-19. Thank God for AFF and the Community Forums. The ability to vent/question/resolve/debate our thoughts and feelings may just well save me - and hopefully many others. This...
  2. clipped_wings

    To Infinity........and BEYOND!

    Hardly the most cerebral-stimulating trip report you're ever likely to read. But if anyone out there is happy to peruse the following piece of fluff in our latest Griswold-inspired pilgrimage to the USA, read on. This one is more about how much fun we can have as an extended family, than how...
  3. clipped_wings

    Will they hold my flight?

    Love this thread and the knowledge it imparts! I have a rather dull question, but it could drastically affect our upcoming family holiday and I read a recent post where it actually occured and the poor VA member had a sad outcome*. My scenario: 8 family members booked to fly VA925 SYD-BNE...
  4. clipped_wings

    For anyone who loves Military Aircraft

    This morning I found this itinerary for F/A -18 final training flights that occurred yesterday. Fly pasts at WIlliamtown were a favourite pastime for me. Did anyone get a chance to see them? "Facebook"
  5. clipped_wings

    The Christmas Tree thread

    This is our Christmas tree. She has been moved rather unceremoniously to the back living room, due to an adult child commandeering our lounge room for the next few months. Mr Clipped said "NO Christmas stuff this year" as we are flying out to the USA not long after New Year. But he agreed to...
  6. clipped_wings

    Are we ready for a Name & Shame file?

    We all know a FA or Virgin staff member who really went above and beyond to make a difference to our flight - OR the ones who still may need some training. NO FULL NAMES people.... I'm starting with my own experience: VA SYD-LAX 3 October 2018 David C - you were an impeccable CSM to Mr...
  7. clipped_wings

    Free 2 seats to Bulldogs NRL Melboune Cup Function Tuesday 5 November - AMENDED

    Addendum: I should have posted the usual requisite - members must have at least 100 posts to be eligible. Apologies for any inconvenience. Up for grabs are 2 tickets to the 2019 Canterbury Bulldogs Melbourne Cup Race Day Function. Date: Tuesday 5 November 2019 from 12 noon at Waterview in...
  8. clipped_wings

    Ticks and Crosses

    A Big Tick goes to Virgin Customer Service yesterday. I booked four SYD-BNE-LAX fares on Sunday, thinking the $1500 pp was as low as it would probably get for the January holiday season. Woke up this morning and found they had dropped to $935! Rang Virgin Plat line and asked if I could cancel...
  9. clipped_wings

    VA does "The Business" to its Sample LAX J Menu - Publishes PE menu Instead [Fixed]

    Saw this yesterday - the new sample menu for long haul SYD-LAX J I must say, I am slightly underwhelmed. The once-impressive French vintage champagne no longer fares a mention. Seems it has been replaced by an Australian sparkling. And the hearty robust red meat & vegetable options I remember...
  10. clipped_wings

    SYD-BNE-LAX questions

    Hi all We are travelling as a family of 8 to the USA in January 2020. We have (3) separate bookings due to the mixed cabin classes. But each booking includes the domestic sector as part of the international itinerary. Details are as follows: SYD-BNE-LAX Depart SYD 09:00 - arrive BNE 09:30...
  11. clipped_wings

    Wireless headphones and sync question

    I bought a few pairs of the Bose QC35 wireless headphones for our kids at Christmas, for our next flight as a family to LAX. The B777 has ports for all wired versions (we have adaptors for the QC25's) but I am nervous about the pairing process for the wireless models. Hopefully this will make it...
  12. clipped_wings

    Who flies to Melbourne and back - just for Status? WE DO!

    This is the possibly the longest trip report for the shortest trip in history. Mr Clipped and I flew to Melbourne and back yesterday - thinking we could crash him over the Velocity Platinum Line once more. The story so far: Husband needed 2 more sectors to reclaim Velocity WP. And although...
  13. clipped_wings

    Progressive Status Upgrade Information gone? (New site)

    Does anyone know how to access the pop up window that offered the progressive status credits information? It used to illustrate how many SC one would have at the end of each month, and how many they would need to retain/upgrade their status. I used to be able to click on the "more details" in...
  14. clipped_wings

    Route 66 - Chicago to LA

    I probably say this about every trip. "It's a dream holiday". But this really is The Big One. We've been planning to drive the entire Route 66 - from Chicago all the way to the Santa Monica Pier in California for as long as I can remember. And all those years of research by my intrepid husband...
  15. clipped_wings

    Emirates taking over Etihad - Whaaaaat?

    Emirates seeks Etihad takeover to create world's largest airline
  16. clipped_wings

    DL Codeshare swap spoils my Evil Plan

    You just can't trust anyone these days. Delta has just managed to pull a shifty on us and our Grand Plan to attain Velocity Platinum. The story so far......... Husband is Velocity SG and our upcoming VA USA trip will leave him 2 sectors and 100 SC short of WP. During planning, we decided to...
  17. clipped_wings

    First Trip to Hong Kong aboard VA J class

    I can't tell you how excited I was when we booked this trip last year. Husband is scheduled for knee replacement surgery in May, so we thought we'd have some fun with his old knees and really spend some quality time wearing them out. Hong Kong was a last frontier for me. Husband had been a few...
  18. clipped_wings

    Amex comp flights with Velocity are now online

    EDIT - was up and running a few hours ago, but may have been a test of the live website.
  19. clipped_wings

    Advice on connecting flight please

    Seeking advice on the transition period we will have at Melbourne for an upcoming flight to Hong Kong in April: First flight VA808 (SYD-MEL) departs 7am arrives MEL 8:35am Second flight VA87 (MEL-HKG) departs 10am We will only have small cabin trolley bags as luggage I love the idea of...
  20. clipped_wings

    Velocity Global Wallet Statements

    Has anyone logged in to download their latest statement from Global Wallet? The website has been updated and no longer supports a secure download of transactions. Instead, you have to click the "export" tab which opens the months' transactions as a dodgy excel spreadsheet, which is highly...