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    Unique and unusual travel experiences

    That would be the National Museum of Funeral History, located not too far away from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)! National Museum of Funeral History | Funeral Museum, Best Museums in Houston - NMFH
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    Looking for Adelaide recommendations !

    Jolly's Boathouse, Rigoni's within walking distance. Mount Lofty House if you can drive 30 minutes.
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    I'm in the QF Lounge thread

    Excellent idea, my bad for not realising I could share for so long!
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    Off to the Airport Again...

    Expanding a bit. I encountered Melbourne's smelliest taxi at the airport but at least it took me to a very artistic hotel - ha ha - guess which one... Nice evening views, sleep, then granola muesli and yoghurt breakfast. Then work. ;-( But the kicker was Qantas pushing QF701 from 2030 to...
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    Off to the Airport Again...

    just a quick 36 hour visit to MEL from ADL, back tmw night for a flight in the other direction to PER on Wednesday. After getting LTG earlier this year, it's taken the hassle out of watching those status credits build up every membership year. Thx QFF
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    Qantas ff account hacked

    Hasn't happened to me, but a more complex password system is well overdue I think.
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    Nearly There - Lifetime Gold QFF

    Looking forward to grabbing that 14,000 status credits prize in the next few months. <100 to go!
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    No Qantas Status Credits on Emirates EK Flights that aren't QF Codeshare

    I've seen another thread on this, but it didn't come to a conclusive ending. I've just returned from a trip to Europe, two different booking itineraries done through the Qantas website, and very disappointed to find that the two EK sectors that were EK, not QF codeshare, did not gain any status...
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    T-80 Seat Selection

    Thanks for the help on this - didn't even need to ask the question to get the info.