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    Platinum AMEX Renewal during covid-19

    I called Amex a month ago when my platinum charge card ticked over into the new year. I basically said I was unable to justify the card fee and was offered 200k points. I used the points to pay (most of) the annual fee. The retention agent was Sydney based and the whole process took about a week...
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    Anyone else flying on Christmas Day?

    I’ve just checked in online for SQ flight on Dec 24 for me and the fam-bam. Back to Brissy for the week and then back to Singapore on Jan 1. We actually enjoy flying on these days as it can be unusually quiet and the price is so much more attractive than the rest of the Xmas period.
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    Thai Airways A350 Business to LHR

    Thanks both for the feedback. I’ll do another post in next couple of days. Yes, there was a second meal service as well as a snack bar for anytime eating on board.
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    Thai Airways A350 Business to LHR

    I recently attended a long time best friend's wedding in the U.K. As I'm currently based in Singapore, I researched options and found a good fare on TG departing KUL - BKK - LHR return for $3,200. This included BKK - LHR on their new A350 aircraft. The return flight was on A380. For this TR, I...
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    Thai A350

    Fingers crossed KUL - BKK - LHR - BKK - KUL in September on TG916 in J is currently showing as A350 outbound and A380 inbound. Happy to provide a TR on the experience (if the aircraft hasn't changed). FWIW, flight was a pretty reasonable $3,2K roundtrip.
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    What's your Uber experience?

    Franky, I find the price to be similar to normal taxis (you pay a booking fee if you book a taxi too). It's the convenience I prefer. I don't need to carry cash or credit card in order to get an Uber. Some taxis only accept cash as well.
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    What's your Uber experience?

    FWIW I use UberX in Singapore all the time. Works great and can use Apple Pay directly through the app, meaning no need for a (physical) wallet.
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    Avianca Life Miles - post your SUCCESSFUL award bookings here

    Unfortunately not the agent who came back with the SQ option.
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    Avianca Life Miles - post your SUCCESSFUL award bookings here

    I thought so too. I couldn't even get that with KF Saver - only Standard Award is available via Singapore Airlines for that flight.
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    Avianca Life Miles - post your SUCCESSFUL award bookings here

    I have to say I'm mighty impressed with the LM Support Call Centre having booked the following over the course of the last week and using current LM promotion - All flights are Sep-Oct 2016. 2 x SYD-BKK TG F (18 hr layover) then BKK - HKG TG F for 50K pp plus taxes/fees we'll spend a...
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    Starwood upgrade thread.

    Spent 22K points on one night at St Regis in Rome (via Vittoria). Arrived today and received an upgrade to a Junior Suite. When we got to the room we found a tastefully decorated tin of Biscotti as well as some chocolate (packaged to travel with) waiting for us.. After we returned from a day...
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    Xmas gift at Centurion Lounge La Guardia

    We flew today on AC from La Guardia NYC to Toronto and really enjoyed making use of the Centurion Lounge at La Guardia prior to take off. Breakfast selection was nice (I had hot pancakes with sliced banana and fresh berries along with maple butter). What really capped it all though was the...
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Card now 120,000 points!

    existing green charge card + new plat charge card = bonus points!
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    business class round the world airfares for 2

    We (x 3) are about to embark on our second RTW using the Lufthansa deal offered by Roundabout (I'm not affiliated with them in any way). All up, I paid about $6450 per person for Flights on Qantas, Air NZ, Lufthansa, Swiss, and Singapore. FWIW, I think it's great value although be prepared to...
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    re: Avianca "Life Miles" - Questions and Discussion well, that's embarrassing...mine too.
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    re: Avianca "Life Miles" - Questions and Discussion Wow. Just got home to see this. Even more glad I bought this morning. Just logged in to our accounts to find additional 5K in both. Bravo Avianca and merry Xmas! :)
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    US Dividend Miles - Oneworld Award Booking Questions and General Discussion

    This is more general feedback rather than a question. Quick background: buried somewhere in this thread I had a few posts around USDM availability on CX first class. At the time I'd settled on the following itinerary to be flown next week: SYD-HKG (CX J) HKG-LHR (CX F) LHR-CDG (BA J)...
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    Change to Aircraft on CX257 - no more F?

    My F booking did get downgraded to J, that's why I changed my flight. This happened just recently and applies to an October 2014 booking I made in July via USDM. Hope this helps.
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    Change to Aircraft on CX257 - no more F?

    Oops, i just noticed you booked through QFF not USDM so I can't be sure if the same rule applies. Perhaps someone more familiar with QFF award rules can confirm.
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    Change to Aircraft on CX257 - no more F?

    Having already been through this same scenario, my advice is to keep an eye out on the only 2 CX flights from HKG to LHR that have a first cabin. When a seat becomes available, call USDM and change your flight. Unfortunately it will cost 150 per segment but still good value in the long run. That...