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    Travelling on QF Points / Citi Gold Card / Travel insurance?

    Hi all. Wasnt sure of the best forum so thought I'd try here. Anyway, I've booked a Euro flight on QF Points and paid the $600 odd tax/fee with my Citi Gold Visa. I rang them and they advised I was covered for travel insurance but I'm not so sure. Can anyone confirm or point me to a link...
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    Citibank stolen rewards points!

    Where are people getting their QF points now that the Gold card doesnt offer them? Like the other poster I dont want to get rid of a free for life card, but I only discovered last week by accident there are no QF points except for platinum, which I dont want or need.... Any ideas? :confused:
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    transferring points from Citi Gold to QFF

    wow, so my last batch of 10000 points are good for an itunes voucher! cough! have you guys done the hard yards on which card to replace it for QF points? I was one of the early subscribers who got the Gold CB Visa for $0 app fee.... Any cards do that with 1 for 1 points....maybe i need to go...
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    transferring points from Citi Gold to QFF

    have citbank stopped doing qantas rewards? it seems i cant find a link to transfer points to QF....? any ideas?
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    transferring points from Citi Gold to QFF

    Thanks I'll try that!
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    transferring points from Citi Gold to QFF

    I rang up and they wanted 2500 points to transfer them! But she said you can do it online, however I trawled through the terrible online interface and found a points transfer area which I couldnt actually follow through couldnt actually transfer them in the end.. any idea how to get...
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    17500 Points and waived first year fee deal on again...

    I wonder if they'll cotton onto the fact that I did this last year and cancelled. I guess there's no harm in trying. Cheers for the heads up.
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    17,500 points promotion on again, until end May 2007

    Well mine took ages and despite my application I had to send in pay slips and then address confirmation with a bill. They promised to still give me the points - now I can see why. Who cares, all add up - its 17500 free points as I see it, as long as you bail before the 11/12th month when they...
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    chances of 2 x QF redemptions for London in April 08.

    Cool thanks. PS. Amongst FF, is there a "best" value combination for points/distance? Like say somewhere which is really far but doesnt cost a lot! Surely there is a destination which is super cheap ie good value...
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    chances of 2 x QF redemptions for London in April 08.

    OK cool thanks. The MEL-LON fee is 130,000 points - if I book via say Hong Kong will it be the same amount? And do I just do it on the QF website or is it easier to ring up and speak to someone who can give me options.
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    chances of 2 x QF redemptions for London in April 08.

    Hi all, firstly, thanks for a great resource. I thought I would struggle to obtain the points I needed for my 130,000 points to London (40,000 short) but with a couple of signups, looks like I might just get there - if Amex and Citibank come to the party! Anyway, I should have those C/C...
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    ANZ FF VISA Platinum card

    I got the same card too. While it feels fancy and has some benefits (warranty x 2) I will jump ship the moment they try and up the annual fee on me which at the moment "is not expected to change". ha! Lets see how long before that policy change.
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    Qantas Premium AMEX - still free for new QFFers, and still with 17,500pts

    Hi all - thanks for such a great resource! This is my first post :) I applied too, for the April ending 17,500 offer fee free. Few questions. 1. How long do the points take to appear? Do they appear seperately? (ie 10,000, then 5,000)? 2. Can my spouse who already has an AMEX card apply...