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    Free $50 VA voucher, expiry June 15

    Just remembered I have this Virgin Australia voucher with no use for it, as I'm HKG-based now. Expires June 15, 2017. First reply with 100 posts, it's yours :p
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    MPC engaging with regional members

    Got this email today, with a handful of local events being planned for Australia-based elite members. None of the five or so events interested me, but nice to see the local marketing & loyalty team trying to engage. I assume this is happening in many markets at the same time. Also included a...
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    Travelling QF domestically as OWS/OWE

    I've looked and looked, and couldn't see a thread on this – I have to imagine that there's a somewhat significant pool of QF flyers on AFF who have decided to use, for whatever reason, an alternative OW program (AA, QR, BA, RJ, CX etc.) How is the flying experience different for those OWS/OWEs...
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    MPC flyer on QF

    Most of my travel is intra-Asia, but I've just booked my first QF economy flight (Q fare) as CX GO and noticed there's no Club Point earn on most discount fares. I don't think it would have changed my decision to use CX as my home airline, but still kind of disappointed to see that most Red...
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    New credit card fees

    Cathay Pacific new credit card online booking fee - Australian Business Traveller I didn't even realise CX even charged a surcharge... I'm sure I've never paid extra to use the CC. Perhaps it's yet another reason to try and book ex-other markets.
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    MH: BKK-MEL/SYD return in J for under $1400

    This fare is back and I reckon it's pretty good! Just booked it for myself – two trips to SE Asia sorted. For example:;f=BKK,DMK;t=SYD;d=2016-09-19;r=2016-10-13;sel=BKKKUL0MH775-KULSYD0MH123,SYDKUL0MH122-KULBKK0MH796;sc=b
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    CX's first A350

    Landed in HKG this morning! With new J, PE and Y seats, I'm very excited. I'm trying to piece together the images they've let slip to get an idea of it. Here's what's been shared of the (I think) Y seat: Anyone else have any hints?
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    New CX premium economy seats

    David Flynn of AusBT has published the new PE seat model: B/E Aerospace's 'MiQ'. Turns out it's actually marketed as a J seat. Same as what AA plans to use in PE. Really hoping they apply their trademark green to the seat. It looks pretty non-CX in those pictures. I've been fantasising about...
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    Cathay Pacific rebrand

    New MPC membership card appeared today. Much better looking than the previous incarnation. And very minimal! I'm a fan. (Apologies for the low-light photos)
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    Multiple transit visas for Sri Lanka

    Hi all, I have a number of 1 day transits on multiple occasions through CMB, and I've applied and received approval on the first transit eVisa. When I try to do another, the system tells me I can't hold more than one visa. Should I just wait until I've used the current visa and then apply for...
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    Hypothetical: CX and VA becoming friends

    Cathay swoops on Virgin sales process | Rumours of Cathay Pacific being interested in a bid for Air New Zealand's stake in Virgin Australia. I'm calling this a hypothetical, since I can't imagine SQ lettings CX in. But, let's say it did happen and we had CX, EY and SQ as shareholders...
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    New pillows, blankets for Y, PE

    Saw these on Insta the other day, but not anywhere else. Nice to see more changes happening in line with the re-brand. Wonder if the J blanket and pillows are changing too.
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    Avoiding credit card fee on redemptions

    Hi all, I'm trying to book a reward flight (using all my points) which leaves about $64 in taxes. As we know, VA charges a $30 credit card fee (that they call a "booking & service fee") but is added when you select a credit card. I really want to avoid it considering it's like paying 50% extra...
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    Scam in Agoda-land

    The other day I was just casually checking some rates for a Sydney hotel on Agoda (with the aim of earning Velocity points). Decided to leave it. Immediately, while browsing other sites, the almighty Google started serving me targeted ads for some Sydney hotels I had just been looking at. One...
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    CX Lounge Developments

    As I map out my year of flying to come, I start to wonder when the lounge redevelopment projects will finish. Sounds like LHR will be done by June. Does anyone know when The Pier J will open up in HKG? Also, with MNL, HND, BKK, TPE, LHR and HKG done, does anyone know which lounges are next in...
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    Double Asia Miles on flights from Australia to the UK, Europe, USA and Canada

    Just got an email about this: Earn Double Asia Miles on your flights from Australia to UK, Europe, USA and Canada Book and register for the promotion between 01 April - 30 April 2016 Travel between 1 May - 31 October 2016^ Book online for a bonus of 1,000 Asia Miles Not bad... pretty...
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    "Kids Class"

    Happy April Fools' Day :shock:
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    Something sweet for the jaded flyer

    Just saw this. Made me laugh. "Business class? It has a bed!"
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    How does CX treat you as an elite?

    TL;DR version: how do you get treated by CX as a MP elite? And the back story: Having been WP with VA (and using SQ extensively) over the past three years, I've decided to embark on a new personal project for the coming year ;). I want to reach Gold (and possibly Diamond, but I could be...
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    The art of small talk

    Just read this article which got me thinking: when have you totally mis-judged the small talk expectations in a place. I know I've done it before.