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    CX check in at ADL (with a Qantas award booking)

    Hi everyone, I have a qantas classic award in J coming up, adl/hkg, on CX... Information on the CX site is a little sparse and obviously it's qantas ticketed with only qantas info.... does anyone know what time CX check in closes in ADL for J pax? I think i've found 40 minutes somewhere...
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    QF29 vs QF127 to HKG, upgrade chances?

    Hi guys, Travelling 21st August ADL to HKG and can choose between going via Melbourne and catching the 29 to HKG on an A330-300 or via Sydney with the 127 on a 380... Both are similar timings, cost etc, what choice would most likely get me a points upgrade to J from Y ? Cheers Sean
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    Car Hire, LAX June

    Hi everyone, I love finding good deals on rentals but have been dissapointed with whats available in june for the month in California. Does anyone have any hot tips/coupons/deals? Preference would be out LAX but anaheim/holywood/santa monica could work Cheers
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    ANZ ADL/LAX, what do I get on the trans-tasman flight?

    Hi kids, Suprised I can't find an answer to this, or maybe its obvious, but I've just booked ADL/AKL/LAX return for the 3 of us at a pretty ridiculous price, I think it was the max saver or something. Anyhoo, of course we get full service on the long haul AKL/LAX but what happens on the ADL/AUK...
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    Free 2 Qantas club Vouchers

    Hi everyone, Totally forgot I had 2 qantas club passes that expire the end of December. Standard issue for domestic and international business lounges. Pick up is from Coromandel Valley, SA. I can send snail mail if you want to risk it or I'll send express if you want to pay for it. First in...
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    Which Penfolds Grange to drink now?

    Hello everyone, For those wine lovers out there I need some advice. I'm getting married in september, Between ceremony and reception I was planning on sitting down with a couple of close friends and downing a bottle of Grange. Now I know it might not be the best bang for my buck but it is on my...
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    Paris restaurant with a kid

    Hi everyone, We'll be in paris in september and I'd sorely love to experience a Michelin starred restaurant there (the more stars the better, it's a bucket list thing). Problem is we have a 3 year old and are reluctant to get a sitter (unless anyone has some reliable recomendations). Soooo...
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    France Roadtrip advice

    Hi everyone, We're heading to france in september/october and planning on a 3 week roadtrip, roughly we're planning on heading down the Route Des Cretes across to Dijon then down the Route des Grande Alpes to Nice and across to bordeaux via the cote de azure (hopefully). Now usually I'd be...
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    Lounge access in adelaide with qantas passes

    Hi, Has anyone had any joy trying to get into the qantas club in adelaide using a qantas issued complimentary pass but flying on an EK ticketed flight? We're flying adl/dbx/cdg in september and wouldn't mind trying to use up a couple of passes. Alternatively do EK ever issue complimentary...
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    availability of row 1 in J

    Hi guys, I'm booked J (well U) on qf081 adl/sin on a A330-300, it's under T80. Currently we have 2F,2J,2K. Although row 1 in the middle is available it isn't either side, from what i've read QF leave these in case of an infant travelling. Do they become available for online check in or is it...
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    Check In times for silk air

    Hi everyone, Oddly I can't seem to find any info on the sing/silk air sites. I'm flying changi to da nang in a couple of weeks with Silk. When does check in close? I've always been stung allowing 2-3 hours and having a long wait only to find out that I could have checked in much later with...
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    Lounges in Adelaide

    Hi guys, With EK coming into Adelaide soon (with a 3 class including F service) what are peoples thoughts about lounges? Obviously the QF lounge is going to be the easy option but I would have thought F and J passengers might expect more than essentially a qantas domestic lounge that's not even...
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    QF and little ol' Adelaide

    Hi everyone, No specific question but i'm interested in people thoughts. Being in Adelaide we are (gradually) getting a much broader selection of ways to get out of Australia. What I find interesting is that QF don't seem interested in being part of this. with only 4 direct flights to Singapore...
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    Bar Service, Adelaide Qantas Club

    Hi Guys, What time does the bar open at the Adelaide club? I know all the domestic clubs have been pushed back to 1400 but does Adelaide start up at 1200 still given it's also the domestic and international business club? Cheers Sean
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    Booking classes for international Y to J upgrades

    Hi, Planning on flying adelaide/singapore return in october and doing some sums (considering J both ways with JASA, Classic or trying my luck with upgrades). Here's my question: Is there anyway I can tell the booking class (when booking JASA or $ only) when looking at flights? The reason I ask...
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    First fares on Classic awards, what's going on with qantas?

    Hi Guys, After talking up a first class seat I had on a qantas A380 a year back I promised my fiance i'd get her on a flight with me this year. Now I kinda assumed it'd be relatively easy using FF points on classic awards, just as I had a year ago. Last year I flew ADL/MEL/SIN (so I could fly...
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    HSBC Card, activating Zurich travel insurance on FF flights

    Hi Guys, I have a HSBC Platinum Qantas CC which uses Zurich as an insurer; I'm about to book travel with airfares on qantas FF points and paying taxes by card. The Zurich policy states the 90% of the cost of the flights must be paid for by the HSBC card to activate the policy. Does anyone know...