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    QF2 First LHR-DXB - Best Lounge @ LHR?

    First LHR-DXB QFA380- Best Lounge @ LHR? Hi all, Title pretty much says it all... Background is as a NB flyer, I rarely get to fly J class, and have never flown F... LHR-PER via DXB on from LHR-DXB in J - decided to throw my hat in the ring for an upgrade to first and voila - that's now...
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    Qantas cancel/refund processing time?

    Hi all, A few days ago I called Qantas to cancel a fully flexible ticket from LHR-SYD via Dubai... My query is, how long do Qantas take usually to process the cancellation and refund? It was four days ago now and the booking still appears as active in my FF account, with no sign of my refund...
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    LHR-MEL (or SYD) - Best Airline/Program for Upgrade Potential??

    Hi all, Thought I'd explore with the brains trust on here; I've need to take a flight from LHR-MEL (via SYD, if need be) in March 2016. My company will be paying for this trip to enable me to have a visa processed, which requires that I return to Australia. I've not yet broached the topic of...
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    Partner Award Multi-Sector Mixed Class - Baggage allowances?

    Hey all, Have a question regarding baggage allowance on QF Partner Classic Awards.. I've booked a sector HKG-LHR with BA in F and have been eyeing off availability of J awards with QF/CX from MEL-HKG with the intention of bolting this on to the start of my journey. I've read up all I can find...
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    TRS refund oversized items - MEL-SYD-NRT - Where do they get sighted??

    Hey FF brains trust! Title pretty much says it all - am flying MEL-SYD-NRT with QF tomorrow evening and my partner has bought a new snowboard which naturally we'd like to claim TRS on. The customs website talks about how the oversized items need to be sighted by a customs offer prior to...
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    Qantas American Express Ultimate Card - 30k bonus pts (Exp 31 Sept)

    Hi all, Came across this link while lookin for flights on webjet: Qantas Amex Ultimate 30k bonus points offer Offer expires 31/10/2010.... Enjoy!