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    Australian state border restrictions

    South Australia entry requirements for low risk areas have changed from 28/11.They have woken up to the fact forcing you to have a test before arrival within 72 hours is no good if the test is positive so have added the requirement that you need a negative test. I wonder if they will tell those...
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    Current F Lounge Menu (SYD/MEL) and relevant topics

    Here is the lunchtime first lounge menu, staff were all having a tasting session while I was in the SYD lounge today Barramundi is pictured.
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    How do you explain your frequent flying?

    I take the blue bus outside the terminal , with no traffic it is not much longer than a cab and much cheaper @$16 , runs 24/7 stops right at the door of many Auckland CBD hotels or within a five minute walk. Runs half hourly at that time so the max wait is half an hour and can be much less if...
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    How do you explain your frequent flying?

    I agree, Auckland is a great place for a weekend from Sydney , you can leave after work Friday on the last flight for the day and fly back on Sunday.Fares are often on sale, you basically walk through immigration with no lines.Plenty to see and do and lots of great restaurants. I do this run...
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    How do you explain your frequent flying?

    Everyone needs a hobby, that's how I explain trips that seem illogical to the uninitiated.
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    TripAdvisor - Do you use it?

    Perhaps targeted at Aussies this time, I got the same "exclusive" invite.
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    TripAdvisor - Do you use it?

    I find it useful ,often there is good information to identify exactly how well located a hotel is for public transport access. A couple of times I have picked up a really good rate through the trip advisor specials particularly in the U.S. with no prepay requirement, and cheaper than AA or other...
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    Advertising a fare then not honoring it- Qantas what is going on!!

    Update- went online this morning and the fare is now widely available across the originally advertised date ranges- seems like the CSO's advice that the fare only applied in February was incorrect and it was in fact a computer glitch. Purchased accordingly for my desired dates in June!
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    Advertising a fare then not honoring it- Qantas what is going on!!

    This morning I went on line to book a sale fare that appears on the website as part of the "new year sale" and according to the price graph runs from 16 Jan to 30 November 2015 with a business class price of $650 each way direct from SYD to AKL.I do this trip regularly and know this is a...
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    Air New Zealand [Diverted to MEL, Self paid to SYD - reimbursement?]

    Re: Air New Zealand It was directed at one particular respondent who put their point of view across with (in my opinion ) a tone that was unhelpful
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    Air New Zealand [Diverted to MEL, Self paid to SYD - reimbursement?]

    Re: Air New Zealand Seriously do you need to be so nasty
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    New Travel Insurance

    I have used both 1Cover and Travel Insurance Direct over the past few years, for multi travel annual, often with a promo code. Price varies each year and with age, so pays to check ,from memory coverage was similar. Have not claimed with either so cannot comment on claims performance.
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    Customer Care are you there ?

    Does anyone actually work these phone lines any more?? Over the past few days I have tried to speak to SOMEONE , the wait times to get through are very long and no one can "help" without putting me on hold for up to 15 minutes and still no resolution.I need to send an email with attachments to...
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    Ladies , is a solo female FF who frequents First Lounges a rare breed indeed?

    Thanks to this forum I have managed to gain and maintain platinum for the past few years off the back of an annual trip to the US plus a few other short international adventures, and achieved by a combination of circuitous routes , ASAs before their demise and occasional tickets purchased in Biz...
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    How much do you tell your family and friends about travel deals/FF sweetspot etc?

    I am happy to share the principles and outline of what can be be achieved with anyone who is interested - I delivered this through a "Lunch and Learn" at my workplace and received a very enthusiastic response.As to the personal details of what I am prepared to do to secure my own frequent flyer...
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    Qantas "Change for Good" Program- hard sell experience

    Yesterday on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney a rather exuberant cabin manager (or whaterever they call this role now) gave a long rambling speech on countries in need of help- citing Syria and the Philippines and then going into detail for several minutes about their respective humanitarian...
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    Successful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide

    Re: Sucessful ASA Bookings booked at classic rates Reference Guide Nov 13 /Oct 14/ SYD-HKG-SYD/ J /120000pts, all up co pay was $639 for the return trip CSR was pleasant but had to keep putting me on hold as she had never done one before, took about 20mins excluding the initial hold time for...
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    Hey Qantas, why is it that ....?

    Why is it that the cutlery in the Sydney first lounge looks and feels like it would be more at home in a cheap picnic basket when all the other dining "hardware" is quite nice?
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    The Qantas Singapore Lounge

    I used the Singapore lounge for the first time on 10 June. It wasn't to my liking -I would describe the atmosphere as IKEA meets cafeteria.Although it wasn't packed it seemed really noisy (the large expanse of polished concrete floor?) and it was difficult to find a quiet spot.Like many others I...
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    WP treatment in Y

    Maybe I should fly economy - QF 127 sitting in Y+ on 17 May, no platinum greeting ,never addressed by name, no service.In fact after the meal service a bottle of water was handed out and then the CSOs vapourised.As it was a daytime flight I was awake and attentive the whole trip and never saw...