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    Advertising a fare then not honoring it- Qantas what is going on!!

    This morning I went on line to book a sale fare that appears on the website as part of the "new year sale" and according to the price graph runs from 16 Jan to 30 November 2015 with a business class price of $650 each way direct from SYD to AKL.I do this trip regularly and know this is a...
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    Customer Care are you there ?

    Does anyone actually work these phone lines any more?? Over the past few days I have tried to speak to SOMEONE , the wait times to get through are very long and no one can "help" without putting me on hold for up to 15 minutes and still no resolution.I need to send an email with attachments to...
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    Ladies , is a solo female FF who frequents First Lounges a rare breed indeed?

    Thanks to this forum I have managed to gain and maintain platinum for the past few years off the back of an annual trip to the US plus a few other short international adventures, and achieved by a combination of circuitous routes , ASAs before their demise and occasional tickets purchased in Biz...
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    Qantas "Change for Good" Program- hard sell experience

    Yesterday on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney a rather exuberant cabin manager (or whaterever they call this role now) gave a long rambling speech on countries in need of help- citing Syria and the Philippines and then going into detail for several minutes about their respective humanitarian...
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    Has anyone flown recently from NRT to LAX on American in J?

    I have noticed AA have been talking up their international service improvements/fleet modernisation etc. Is this route OK on AA or would I be better to take the JAL flight (codeshare with AA) ? All my previous experiences with JAL have been quite good but that was a few years back now.
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    1865 loyalty program (Langham hotels)

    I am about to move up to Voyager status in this program. Are there any members out there who have achieved this level and think it is particularly worthwhile? The majority of my stays are at The Langham in Auckland.