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  1. Blinky

    Accor not crediting points

    In the past year and a bit I’ve stayed at three Sofitel Hotels, once at Nusa Dua for 10 days and twice in suites at Singapore for four days each. I was not given points for the first two as they were booked with Luxury Escapes. It was probably in the small print, but when I queried it I was told...
  2. Blinky

    Velocity Voice

    Looks like an invite only forum to give feedback on Virgin services. Anyone else been invited? Thoughts? It looks like there might be rewards for participating.
  3. Blinky

    First trip to Japan

    So a late night flight out of Melbourne on Singapore Air in Business Class. Check in and boarding very smooth. No first class upgrades available, but J class on SQ is very acceptable indeed. It was the old seat configuration, so a bit fiddly to set the bed up, but still comfortable and heaps of...
  4. Blinky

    Thank you Virgin

    I thought people here might want to know my very recent experience with Virgin. I booked a return flight for my wife and me to Sabah, on a Saver fare (stupidly in retrospect as the difference between saver and Flexi wasn't great). Anyway, we were due to depart on March 20, but my mother-in-law...
  5. Blinky

    Chances of maintaining Gold

    Interested in any precedents you guys may know of. I've been a Gold Velocity member since the program started, six or seven years by memory. Nearly platinum twice. I will not get the SCs this year to maintain Gold as I have changed jobs. So will I necessarily be soft-landed to Silver, or have...
  6. Blinky

    160 SCs and 22,000 points for $1600. Good or standard?

    I booked two return J class fares to Europe and return on Etihad for 500,000 Velocity points, and we left on 13 March. I asked about upgrading to F on the long MEL-AUH leg, and to my surprise was able to do so for $800 each. I wasn't sure I would get any SCs at all, but was credited with 160 (my...
  7. Blinky

    Our Grand European Adventure

    Okay, Mrs Blinky and I are off on our second, and more comprehensive European tour. I hope I can do justice to some of the fantastic travel logs which first attracted me to this forum. In summary, we are heading off tomorrow from Melbourne, J class with Etihad, courtesy of 500,000 FF points...
  8. Blinky

    How many plastic cards do you carry on a daily basis?

    I just checked my wallet and found 22: 2 x ID cards 4 x debit/credit cards 5 x loyalty/discount cards 3 x frequent flyer cards 3 x health benefit cards (one outdated, to be fair) 2 x travel cards 1 x library card 1 x investment plan card 1 x Seniors Card (okay, okay, I'm an old fart) We got...
  9. Blinky

    Air travel-related Christmas gifts

    Two of my sons are going on a holiday to LAX and then on to JFK for about a month in January. They both work for the Melbourne Football Club (and are in Kakadu right now) and are basketball players and fanatics. They have used connections to get locker room passes for several NBA games, and will...
  10. Blinky

    Budget for European holiday

    My wife and I will be travelling to Europe next March for about 8 weeks, with about a week in London, 3 days in Paris, a 10 day NCL Mediterranian cruise, a week in Rome before a 12 day Insight Tour of Italy and finishing with a 14 day Globus Tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All...
  11. Blinky

    What to wear in J class

    This is a (semi) serious question. My wife and are travelling to Europe courtesy of Velocity Rewards (Etihad) in J class return next March. The last time we went there it was on Premium Economy, and I had no qualms about wearing comfy tracky dacks. But now? So what is the forum consensus on...
  12. Blinky

    Hi All

    I've been a Virgin Gold Class for five years, just missing out on Platinum a couple of times. I just redeemed 500,000 points for two Business Class tickets to Europe for my wife and I on Etihad (just our second trip to Europe). I love reading forumite reviews and some of the hints have been...