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    MH PNR for qantas award ticket

    Just booked my first ever award flight using qf points. I am a United loyalist, and am accustomed to ringing TG for a different code for online check in. I presume the same will be true for MH. I am having some difficulty with the first half of the trip which is on CI. Delta gave me a CI...
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    priority seating

    i booked a couple of business class seats on cathay on dec 23rd and we are seniors so i picked the only two adjacent aisles left. it told me that these seats could be reallocated to disabled travellers. I proceeded anyway. now i am nervous. i dont want to risk being downgraded so i decided to...
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    full flat bed essential

    ive just had a hip replacement and want to fly to hong kong direct as soon as possible to lie by the pool and exercise in warm water. Last time i went to jakarta on garuda business class and it was very satisfactory but this time i want to fly to hong kong as soon as surgeon signs off on it. I...
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    QFF Membership Numbers

    dumb question: i was just entering my friend's ff number into our itinerary. It's a 10 digit number beginning with 19, whereas mine is only a 7 digit number. is the 19 number still valid?
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    replacement for dining rewards

    i thought IHG were going to introduce some new program to replace dining rewards ''in 2016''. does anyone know whether anything is still in the pipeline?
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    bye bye medibank private points

    disappointing. it used to take the edge off my fury at the steep price of medibank private.
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    long layover in London

    a friend is flying BA Sydney to Stockholm with 12 hours in Heathrow. It is years since i did this route. So she checks luggage thru to Stockholm and gets both boarding passes, we hope. and then she goes thru immigration and takes train into town and has a nosey. then she comes back and goes...
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    upgraded room holiday inn golden mile

    Not experienced at all with IHG program but i think i will get to platinum after next stay. I am then returning for a week to HI golden mile and think i must book a premier room if i have a shot at lounge access. Assuming i get lounge access, it would seem pointless to book the premier room...
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    still muddled

    so i know i am a slow learner. When i look at my account i have 20 dollars plus 3.40 woolworths dollars. Are these one and the same and if i dont use the 20 dollars to reduce my bill will they become able to be changed into qf points when the time comes?
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    mysteries of award searching

    I am a total novice at finding QF and partner awards altho quite adept at star awards. I don't understand why i can find 2 seats in business class on 23rd dec to delhi via hong kong, from sydney. Yet i can't find 2 seats in business just for syd-hkg on same date. I really want to go to hong...
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    Airline craft changes

    I would like to book an award in J on Air India from Sydney but i am nervous that there might be a craft change at the last minute and i will no longer have a flat bed seat. I have bad arthritis and really worry about that long flight in a bad seat. It would be a United Mileage Plus award on a...
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    Card problems in Hong Kong

    After initially working our debit cards of three varieties stopped working in Hong Kong. We rang Citibank and there was no apparent problem. Eventually we went into a citibank hong kong branch (independent) and they showed very little interest in our problem. They told us it was an old card...