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    EK award availability to/from Australia this Nov/Dec onwards

    I was not able to book online, now that you mention it. The booking kept erroring out before the payment stage. But I called and they were able to book it. I also changed the booking twice when I spotted new EK reward seats, and everything was processed fine.
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    EK award availability to/from Australia this Nov/Dec onwards

    Last week I was able to book F seats from Perth to Dubai and onwards to Europe with Qantas Points. Travel in Sept 2022.
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    QR withholding award seats from Qantas?

    Argh this is so annoying. I can see 4x QR business reward seats from Perth to Doha, connecting on to Europe in 2022. But QF only shows 1 seat and the phone agent couldn't see any more. Have to settle for Emirates for now, which isn't any cheaper because it's moved to the Partner award chart.
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    Experiences with Qantas Complimentary Lounge Invitations

    Thanks for the replies, everyone! Turns out I didn't need to worry. 'LPAC' appeared on the digital boarding pass a few hours later. Maybe it's updated manually? Good to know.
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    Experiences with Qantas Complimentary Lounge Invitations

    Hi all, my family are jetting off tomorrow. I linked single-entry Qantas passes to their Economy flight before online check-in opened, and have confirmation emails. However, on their digital boarding passes, I can't see a 'LPAC' code that indicates that lounge access has been attached to the...
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    The Qantas call centre now has a different menu

    As a QF WP, it was relatively easy to cancel a reward booking and request 2x J seats from PER-SYD on a flight with no availability. Tickets issued at the discounted 29,050 pts rate rather than the older 41,500 pts rate which was a win. The whole call took 20 min including the hold time at the...
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    Check Accor Plus free night availability

    Thanks for the advice, will call and ask.
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    Check Accor Plus free night availability

    Oops sorry! The stay is from Friday 15 April 2022 to Sat 16 April 2022. Not sure how I could get the dates so wrong 🤨
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    Check Accor Plus free night availability

    Is anyone able to check if any hotels in Hobart offer the Stay Plus benefit on Friday 25 Apr 2021, including any potential cash upgrades to a room for four people, please? I'd like to see if it's worth getting a membership to cover that night (and get other perks).
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    Velocity to partner with 7-Eleven

    In WA there is a weekly price cycle where the cheapest fuel is on a Tuesday. Be sure to check then!
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    Are Velocity Complimentary Upgrades able to be used over different bookings?

    In the past, I recall that you could use Velocity Platinum Upgrades for someone travelling on a different itinerary/booking reference, as long as they were on the same flight as the one you were upgrading. Can anyone confirm if this is still the case? With Virgin's lines being so busy, I don't...
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    VA Economy Service changes - "Staff will be able to assist"

    Noticed that VA's Perth to Sydney and Perth to Melbourne Freedom fares have dropped to mid-$400s on most days - that's pretty reasonable, particularly when a 9,900 pt points upgrade or a Platinum Complimentary upgrade is done. Used to be high-$600s.
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Updates on Virgin Australia business class and economy food and drinks:
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Yes, business class relaunch media event on Thursday 25th though no word yet on when that translates onto flights.
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    Value of Virgin Frequent Flyer Points since Change in Ownership

    Hi mica99, you must be mistaken as Velocity hasn't yet increased the number of points needed for reward seat bookings. You were probably looking at Any Seat awards which is the cash value of flights converted into points. These may be higher than usual due to limited seats and higher travel demand.
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    Qantas Dream Planner now live

    Strange, I got this at 8:08am... I wonder if it means the timing of Dream Planner isn't as 'real-time' as we thought :rolleyes:
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    Qantas Dream Planner now live

    Yes indeed, QF's partnership with Volantio is undoubtedly to increase revenue as efficiently as possible.
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    Qantas Dream Planner now live

    It's not quite ExpertFlyer, but Qantas has quietly unveiled its Dream Planner tool today. It looks promising but is more form over function right now. You can set a destination and be notified if reward seats become available. Not sure at this stage whether it's QF metal only or if partners...
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    Qantas points expiring - best way to extend the expiry date

    You could also consider spending points to extend your balance. Donate 2,900 points to make a $25 contribution to a charity, and that should do the trick for another 18 months.
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    How do I apply for upgrade of my Significant Other - who has 0.00 QFF points?

    Just proceed to upgrade yourself as normal. Assuming your significant other's FF number is linked to the booking against her name now and you're both on the same PNR, she will also appear on the upgrade page and you'll have to apply to upgrade the both of you at once. (Can't upgrade one and and...