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  1. yo yo ma

    Should I go to Iraq?

    I have been offered a transfer from my company's operations in PNG to Iraq once a visa can be obtained (may be next week or next year). I don't know much about it apart from being told it is the "safer part" being Kurdistan in the North. It is the same roster - 4 weeks on / 4 off - and trips are...
  2. yo yo ma

    Supermarket fuel discounts capped at 4c per litre

    "THE days of big shopper docket fuel savings are over after Coles and Woolworths agreed to limit discounts to four cents a litre. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on Friday announced the two supermarket giants had agreed to the four cent a litre maximum discount limit." "Fuel...
  3. yo yo ma

    Free Two x QF lounge passes - exp Oct 2013

    Free x two QF lounge passes that expire end October 2013 Unused with HSBC credit card... Will be mailed tomorrow First in best dressed!!!
  4. yo yo ma

    Jetstar bulk buys

    Book 4 fares and get a 5th fare FREE: Flights to selected domestic destinations are on offer. For every 4 passengers who book specially marked Starter fares^, you will receive one additional Starter fare for free. The ’Book 4 fares and get a 5th fare FREE’ offer is for an additional Starter fare...
  5. yo yo ma

    Should a HECS system apply to the Australian Institute of Sport?

    Interesting article - if professions like nurses, doctors, paramedics, teachers, artists have to pay HECS fees, why shouldn't attendees at the AIS? Like the other professions, they won't have to pay it back until they reach higher incomes. I can't see a reason why not? Ben Quilty Afghanistan...
  6. yo yo ma

    New change to JQ Plus Bundle fares

    The Jetstar Plus Bundle states: "Change Fees do not apply for permitted changes to a Starter Fare with Plus Bundle." Although change fees do not apply, if you want to change to another flight at the same price, you still have to purchase another Plus Bundle: "Subject to payment of Fare...
  7. yo yo ma

    Revolutionary new design for airline seats

    Airplane economy-class passengers of the future could enjoy almost as much luxury as those travelling in first class thanks to a revolutionary new kind of airline seat. AirGo airline seats, brainchild of Malaysia-based engineering student Alireza Yaghoubi, are a low-cost, ergonomic approach to...
  8. yo yo ma

    Mum gives son an iPhone with a contract on how he is to use it

    This is a brilliant idea - my kids are a few years off this (hasn't stopped them asking though!) but I will be sure to give them this contract. Might be a good idea to make once when they get a car too. Janelle Hofmann: Mom makes son, 13, sign 18 terms and conditions before giving him an iPhone...
  9. yo yo ma

    Freight forwarding company for goods that can't be shipped to Aus?

    I am going to buy a few products from Corona Extra but they don't ship to Australia. Any recommendations on a good freight forwarding company? Too many to choose from! - - Top Rated Package and Mail Forwarding Price USA | Shop where you want Ship to Oz Ship2Me Package...
  10. yo yo ma

    Airports trade layover horror for 'terminal bliss'

    Chicargo O'Hare looks like a pleasent place to travel through. "GETTING stranded at an airport once meant enduring hours of boredom in a kind of travel purgatory with nothing to eat but fast food. These days, it can seem more like passing through the gates of Shangri-la to find spas, yoga...
  11. yo yo ma

    Small plane lands on SUV at Texas airport - pilot uninjured

    The driver did not stop before entering a private road. Watch: The dramatic moment a small plane crashes into an SUV at a Texas airport and skids down runway on its belly | Mail Online
  12. yo yo ma

    New award option: QF simulator for 115k points

    Would be a fun way to spend your points! If you've got a spare 115,000 frequent flyer points try out the Qantas simulator |
  13. yo yo ma

    Good samaritan, dangerous flying or both?

    Does this break any flying break any flight regulations? I don't know enough about it. "Eagle-eyed helicopter pilot spotted remote control plane crash landing in branches at the top of a tree. Watch the daring manoeuvre of a passing helicopter pilot who spotted remote control in a tree...
  14. yo yo ma

    Selling QFF points on eBay

    I just noticed that there are currently five people selling QFF points on eBay at rates of: 60k points currently $999 with 2 bids (2 days to go) = 0.016 / point 30K points currently $500 with 2 bids (3 days to go) = 0.016 / point 24K points currently $435 with 6 bids (2 days to go) = 0.018 /...
  15. yo yo ma

    Qantas moves one step closer to junk status

    On the positive side, QF is one of only two airlines worldwide (Southwest being the other) to be considered investment grade by two ratings agencies. Qantas moves one step closer to junk status
  16. yo yo ma

    Ryan air: "Stupid passengers don't print off their boarding pass can bugger off"

    £60 to print a boarding pass... even TT only charges $10 Ryanair boss O'Leary in furious rant at 'stupid passengers' who don't print off boarding passes | Mail Online
  17. yo yo ma

    Distraught pensioner correctly 'offloaded' by Virgin

    "The upshot was that the grandmother uttered "cough" as the supervisor walked away" Well done to the VA staff - the lady needs to take responsibility for her behaviour. She won't do that again... Distraught pensioner 'offloaded' by Virgin
  18. yo yo ma

    Be warned Qantas - hell hath no fury like a fashionista scorned

    Most of the 200+ comments are postitive towards QF (e.g. "flight delayed, C lister misses fashion show. care factor - zero.") Qantas | Melbourne Spring Fashion Week | Ray Costarella | Minogue
  19. yo yo ma

    John Borghetti to appear on Inside business today at 10AM, ABC1

    Link to podcast if you miss it Inside Business Title should be "...appear on Inside Business..." - mod please edit.
  20. yo yo ma

    Pilot discusses QF32

    An interesting article A hero's stress fracture |