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    JQ25 MEL - CNS warning....

    I was booked on the same flight last Friday - am WP also and had booked it some months ago using points. Got a 2am text from JQ saying the flight was canxd and to contact them. Phone call diverted me to online chat who eventually were able to let me know they couldn’t help as QF had made the...
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    Where do 'Gift Vouchers' live?

    I know what you mean but I'm pretty sure many on here buy them for themselves to use at a later date - regardless it would be good to have a list of them, and whether they have been redeemed or not, linked to someones account.....
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    Where do 'Gift Vouchers' live?

    HI All, I bought myself some GV's at the start of the year - is there somewhere in the 'My Account' section (or elsewhere) on the QF website where a record of these lives? And if they have been redeemed or not? I've of course got the email confirmations but just cant remember which ones I've...
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    Classic Awards 'Fee's & Charges' - errors

    So checked the QF calculators page (Where Could I go) - oneway Y ex MEL-BNE is 12,000 points and $15.40 in charges. "Brisbane 12,000* QANTAS POINTS EconomyTaxes, fees and carrier charges AU $15.40. ^" But when booking is more like $32 in charges. No big deal really, but just booked 5 pax...
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    QF now charging WP for all Exit Row economy seats [CL/WP1 exempt]

    QF may have back-peddled on this already. Looked at a booking of mine this morning to see if I could get some row 4 seats MEL-CNS on Saturday. Was a bit late and they had gone, but noticed there was an option now to spend $30 and get an exit row seat (which I've never seen before). Didn't change...
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    Hey Qantas, why is it that ....?

    Across the top of the QF website there's now an error message saying there is a technical issue preventing access to new and existing flight bookings which they are working on......
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    Hey Qantas, why is it that ....?

    Having the same issues - yesterday and just tried again this morning and still no good.....:?:
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    QF Double Status Credits (SC) offer for all :)

    Excellent news. Thanks
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    QF Double Status Credits (SC) offer for all :)

    Anyone had double SC's credit from a voucher (purchased inside the sale dates window) for a flight booked & flown subsequently?
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    PJs on QF J international?

    Does anyone else think that their PJ size options is lacking a bit? I'm about 6'2 and about 110kgs - definitely carrying a couple of extra kilo's but certainly not enormous - basically a XXL size. Putting on the largest size PJ's feels & looks like I am wearing lycra - not very pleasant for anyone!!
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    Unable to login to claim points or book flights - Unresolved

    Just worth noting that the OP for this thread is 12 months old - so maybe no one is being rude. As someone said maybe its just a September thing....
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    My first international flight as WP is later this year

    As per others I've had much more spa success in MEL than SYD. If breakfast it is, then try the corn fritters dish, with a couple of poached eggs - perfect!
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    QFF Platinum requesting release of extra Classic award seats?

    Sorry guys cant see an answer earlier - anyone know if a WP can call and ask if a JQ Caward seat can be released? Cheers
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    Qantas Call Centre

    My wife called yesterday (as a NB) and got the message that the wait was 2 hours but that she could request a call back. Which she did, and when QF called back later that arvo (as predicted) it was a perfect example of great customer service (in the face of 'higher than usual' call volumes) that...
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    FJ and lounge access

    Hi Guys, Have checked on the QF website and can't quite see if I'll get lounge access prior to a FJ flight (MEL-NAN in Y) in a few weeks. I can see we'll get SC's and points, but am not sure re access. I am WP. I'm assuming no but am hoping to be surprised...... Thanks all!
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    "Select on Q-Eat" Fail

    I'm pretty sure you can select your meal for the return sectors but as it can only be done a few days (a week?) before your flight you may need to do it whilst away - just head to the 'Manage my Booking' section and go from there. I've always got my selected meal. But I sometimes think that...
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    QF Double Status Credits (SC) offer for all :)

    Has anyone received the DSC's for flights booked (after the promo period) using a voucher (brought during the promo period)??
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    Qantas Customer Feedback Panel (How Was Qantas)

    Yep am also joining an apparently not-so-exclusive club! Haven't had one of these 'panel' emails before (although have had plenty of regular survey ones)... Have just last week done a couple of int'l Js, but nothing dom since Feb. Also registered for the DSC and have booked both flights and...
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    QF Double Status Credits (SC) offer for all :)

    Understand and thanks!