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    Upgrades no longer a PGR benefit at Rydges Hotels

    It was one of the many odd things about last year. Rydges Norwest always used to give me upgrades (even when I stayed there as a Crowne Plaza and a Novotel many years back) even when there was no need. Yet throughout 2020 when it should have been upgrading me due to status, it stopped (so I half...
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    Westpac dumps AMEX - changes points earn on MC

    Westpac Online banking has a message to visit along with a code but I don't know that it is any better than getting the card for non-existing card holders (just the first year free and 15,000 bonus qantas points if you put $3000 on the card in 3 months). Nearly tempted to do...
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    Accor Private Sales - up to 50% off at participating hotels worldwide

    Looks like it is open already, it let me get as far as contact details for a Melbourne booking. Benefits vary by country, 40% off in AU if you book 2 nights. June 1 is the earliest booking date for ours too.
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    Accor Flash Sale up to 50% off at Participating AP Hotels - *Book from 11 to 13 Nov*

    Re: Accor Flash Sale up to 50% off at Participating AP Hotels - *Book from 11 to 13 N I had no luck this morning either. I did find some cheapish ones including breakfast that had odd names, which I thought may have been the sale fares, but nothing obvious or readily available.
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    QF silver to get business class check in

    That was similar to my thought, that really, if they got rid of Y+ counters they could add extra staff to Business and make it more streamlined/efficient. I'd be getting rid of Y+ check-in entirely and perhaps re-brand Business check-in as Premium Check-in. I don't ever recall much of a queue...
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    Altitude Black Spg gold registration code

    Westpac card services never got back to me, but I tried your technique and it worked well. Thanks for sharing your success.
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    Altitude Black Spg gold registration code

    I phoned them this morning because I wanted to activate the SPG Gold process before making a booking, but they said there was some sort of outage within Westpac so I was talking to general credit card enquiries who had no idea about it. They promised I'd get a call back from the premium credit...
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    Let Qantas Reward You Bonus

    Seems buggy. I just got 5 SC bonus for a flight on Friday (will be interesting to see if the return trip on Sunday also gives 5 bonus SC). I'm pretty sure I didn't book anything under a 50% bonus SC, but its nice to get them as a freebie. I missed out on the Christmas 2013 Qantas voucher 10x...
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    Macquarie Bank takes over from HSBC

    Looks like the fee waivers are still somewhat available. I'd thought they'd dried up, but it if it is annual fee free then the card is worth keeping for many people IMO. I'd phoned up to cancel mine Sept or so before it switched to Macquarie and they told me they'd waive it... I got charged the...
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    Maximising SC flying in USA

    I just went day by day on two routes, seems to vary (and the prices did look set rather than variations due to already existing bookings). LAX-DFW-GRI was best in F from 25 days out to 147 days out. LAX-JFK was best in F from 27 days to 119 days out. Y was similar but did vary. Additional...
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    Maximising SC flying in USA

    I wonder if anyone has tried to work the pattern out (and if there is any consistency between routes). I just went month-by-month on for a trip I'm looking at doing next January and it seemed to drop in price in a 2-4 month out window. Interestingly F seemed to have a wider window again...
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    Westpac Earth Cards Discontinued

    Looking at their website it seems like they are renaming it to be Westpac Altitude Qantas - it seems to have the exact same perks / point earn etc as the Earth Black did.
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    10 pts / $ for Qantas Vouchers - Back for Xmas 2014

    They never fixed it for me. I phoned them about April when the points didn't post from December 2013 and they rang back and said they were working on it and it was a known problem. I never heard from them again or any sign of the points again which I felt was pretty slack (I think it was only...
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    50% sale on again

    A mostly 40% sale is on again until the 30th of October, though you need to book 2 nights (for Aus-NZ) to use this one. Only 50% in a few bits of Europe. Dates are 1st December to 15th Feb for Australia.
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    Rydges Dumping Platinum Benefits

    To my irritation, when they switched to the "new" levels, I went from Gold as the mid-level and getting some benefits to Gold as the base again, so they basically reset the year on me and I'd only had one stay since making it up from the base level. Not they it did much (they put me on a higher...
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    balance transfer offer

    I think they must vary things somewhat. I went to cancel my citibank card a few months back and they gave me 2 years interest free with no BT charge and waived the next annual fee (so I'll pay it off in 18 months and cancel it just before it comes due again... possibly get another offer). No...
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    No more QF chauffeur drive to LAX and DFW

    Re: No more QF chauffer drive to LAX and DFW When I arrived in LA last week for CD, I was a bit surprised to find I was the only person with a driver waiting. Plus a lady who seemed to be the driver's supervisor. So there seemed to be two people employed to handle one CD service (one Qantas...
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    Is Qantas Actually Listening?

    I think part of the frustration is that all we ever hear from QF is cut after cut after cut. While it was only a small feature (and for those paying a fair bit, to be on J and F tickets), CD was at least an improvement that would match a "premium" airline - the first one out of QF in a long...
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    Big W family & friends 10% off this weekend

    They had little notices at all the cash registers when I went to (Jesmond) Big W saying it couldn't be used in conjunction with the EDR card... a bit disappointed but not a big deal to me.
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    Qantas Wine latest offering

    I got an e-mail from Qantas pushing Epiqure today with the FREEJOIN code so used it... but did worry a bit that it didn't work properly when it only gave me 1pt per dollar at the checkout (it was an offer with 3000 bonus points for the case so I didn't worry at the time, but now I wonder if it...