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    Where do 'Gift Vouchers' live?

    HI All, I bought myself some GV's at the start of the year - is there somewhere in the 'My Account' section (or elsewhere) on the QF website where a record of these lives? And if they have been redeemed or not? I've of course got the email confirmations but just cant remember which ones I've...
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    Classic Awards 'Fee's & Charges' - errors

    So checked the QF calculators page (Where Could I go) - oneway Y ex MEL-BNE is 12,000 points and $15.40 in charges. "Brisbane 12,000* QANTAS POINTS EconomyTaxes, fees and carrier charges AU $15.40. ^" But when booking is more like $32 in charges. No big deal really, but just booked 5 pax...
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    FJ and lounge access

    Hi Guys, Have checked on the QF website and can't quite see if I'll get lounge access prior to a FJ flight (MEL-NAN in Y) in a few weeks. I can see we'll get SC's and points, but am not sure re access. I am WP. I'm assuming no but am hoping to be surprised...... Thanks all!
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    Odd Banner

    Does anyone else think the image in the banner ad on the QF homepage for the 'Domestic Business Sale' is a bit weird? What's with the haircuts of 2 of the guys shown? And any thoughts on what the woman on the right is thinking? Her expression is priceless!
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    50% Bonus SC's Emial

    Just got this email - first one in years and presumably targeted given I'm looking like falling short of re-qual WP...... Dear David, Make your next journey on Qantas even more rewarding with 50% more Status Credits* when you fly on eligible flights with a QF...
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    Are DSC's Finished?

    With the ongoing QFFF program enhancments and simplifications presumably partly aimed at reducing the number of higher tiered punters, anyone have any ideas on whether QF are still tossing out DSC emails? Or have they gone the way of the dodo? Usually I make it to WP on my own but think this...
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    WP Renewal?

    Hi All, I will fall about 20 SC's short of the 1200 needed to retain WP on current plans - would love some thoughts on whether I need to upgrade an existing MEL-SYD booking to J, or if QF will confirm WP for another year for me anyway? Thanks in advance! Cheers Dave
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    Anyone used this US online site before ?

    A friend pointed this business/ website out to me - they apparently buy points from companies then redeem them for you (once you pay them whetever fee they advise). Any thoughts / feedback? Cheap Business Class Flights | Discount Business Class | Luxury 4 Less
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    Calculating Points /SC's

    Hi All, Just wondering why I can't use the QF calculators to determine how many points (well SC's is what I really care about!) on a flight MEL-SGN rtn in J (booked using QF flight numbers but its a codeshare using VN metal). Anyone know? I'm assuming it's 120 SC's each way..... Cheers Dave
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    No Show - new policy?

    Hi All, Have got 2 flights (on the same PNR) MEL - SYD - MEL booked next month (those $99 specials QF had out a few weeks ago). Now don't need to travel on the MEL-SYD sector, but want to keep the return flight. Have always thought that if you don't turn up for the initial / outbound flight...
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    Am I missing something?

    Hi All, Just priced a rtn J cls MEL-CDG on QF late May - a bit over $11k (it a codeshare with AF - QF to SIN then AF to CDG). I then checked the AF website and for EXACTLY the same flights it is under $6k. So am I right in thinking that the only difference would be the QF FF points and SC's...
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    CX Booking on CX Metal Using QF FF# -upgrade using AM?

    Hi All, Have emialed this question to Asia Miles Cust Service but am yet to get a reply - perhaps they are still having problems with commications post their system upgrade? Am tvlling MEL-HKG-CDG return in J (I) next month. I used to fly CX quite a bit to HKG but switched to QF (and the QF...
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    Status Credits - Jet Airways?

    Hi All, Just wondering why you don't get status credits on QF 'alligned' carriers? Have just booked a J seat via the QF website MEL-SIN-DEL rtn. MEL-SIN is on QF, and SIN-DEL is on Jet (9W). But according to the the QF website, I'll only get FF points and not status credits. I know Jet are not...