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  1. davek

    Well, this is new...

    I have some flights booked for work (by travel company). My SYD-BNE segment looks a little strange.. I am told the entire booking was placed with Virgin, so I can only assume Virgin have shunted me over to a QF flight? I wonder if I'll earn VA points flying a QF segment :) Has anyone else...
  2. davek

    Missing Status Credits..

    Wondering if any other AFF'ers have had a similar experience to me. At the end of May my partner and I flew SYD-AUH-CDG with EY tickets. The SYD-AUH leg was on a VA plane (W class fare), and AUH-CDG was Etihad (Y class). According to VA I should have earnt 120 status credits for the AYD-AUH...
  3. davek

    In the VA lounge - first post

    Re: I'm in the VA lounge thread First post to the AFF forum finds me sitting in Perth VA lounge .. sitting out a 2 hr delay for my flight to SYD!